kanye west

Kanye West Admits That Beck Is ‘Kinda Good’


Kanye West looked like a real douchelord when he made some silly comments about Beck not deserving album of the year after the Grammys.

chet hanx

Tom Hanks’ Rapper Son Chet Hanx Drops A Music Video About ‘The Thirst’


I'm probably one of the few bloggers on the Internet who can say they've actually hung out with the musician Chet Hanx a.

rich kids

Lil Wayne Bought His Daughter A Ferrari For Her 16th Birthday And You Can Watch It On MTV

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Get More: My Super Sweet 16, Full Episodes Remember MTV's My Super Sweet 16, the show where stupid rich parents spoil their spoiled rotten children with lavish parties and disgustingly expensive gifts.

brobible exclusive

I Played ‘Would You Rather?’ With The Rapper Nelly And Learned He’s Cool With Nickelback


If there is a rapper who defined my formative college years of 2002 - 2006 so perfectly, it's Nelly.

lil wayne

Lil Wayne Just Dropped A New Mixtape, ‘Sorry 4 the Wait 2′


Last night, while you were watching the State of the Union address and getting pissed about deflate-gate, Lil Wayne launched a new mixtape, Sorry 4 the Wait 2.


This Rapper Just Learned The Girl He’s Been Banging Is His Cousin, Has Hilarious Reason Why He’s Not Going To Stop


Louisiana-based rapper Kevin Gates just learned a bit of interesting information: the chick he's been "fucking the shit out of" for the last three months is actually his cousin.


Exclusive: Waka Flocka Likes To Listen To ‘Country Music And Shit’ When He Smokes Marijuana


Back in September, Waka Flocka Flame took to social media and announced that he was hiring a salaried person to roll his blunts for a $50,000 a year.


REPORTS: Diddy Allegedly Kicked Drake’s Ass At Art Basel


The celebrity stories out of Art Basel in Miami keep getting more and more entertaining.


Here’s The Sick Freestyle Eminem Delivered At 24-Years Old At NYC’s Baruch College


PIERRE ANDRIEU/AFP/Getty Images) Last month, we made a big deal about Eminem dropping a SICK -- seriously, SICK -- freestyle at the age of 42.

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