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Suge Knight Says ‘I Ain’t No Snitch,’ Isn’t Talking to Cops About Getting Shot

Whether you think it's smart or stupid, Suge Knight is staying real to the streets about getting shot.

Hot 19-Year-Old Model Shot In the Butt During Shooting at Chris Brown’s VMA Party

More details are emerging today about the shooting inside Chris Brown's pre-VMAs party at 1OAK night club in Hollywood.

Bro Has the Trillest Rap Ever About Wearing Sperrys, Snapbacks, and Gettin’ Laid

Is frat rap ready for a comeback?

DMX Didn’t Like the Internet Calling Him a Bitch, So He Rode the Sling Shot Again to Prove He’s a Badass


Childish Gambino Calls Himself ‘The Best Rapper’ Alive, Fires Shots at Kendrick, Drake, and ScHoolboy Q

Childish Gambino is getting a little bit of a chip on his shoulder, it seems.

Coolio Is Doing a Music Video for…. Pornhub?!

Coolio is back! He's been spending most his life living in an adult movie paradise.

Action Bronson Took a Piss in a Port-A-Potty During a Concert and Didn’t Stop Rapping

Classic Action Bronson shenanigans. The Chef is a legend.

The Best Of The ‘Fact-Checking Rap Lyrics’ Meme From The Hysterical Instagram Account

Because most rappers seemingly have no idea how physics work.

Rapper Punches Other Rapper During Epic Rap Battle

Bro, you're supposed to slay 'em with words, not fists. You know... gansta metaphors and killa flow.

Hoodie Allen Just Dropped the Diss Track Of the Century About Mike Stud

Woah... The Hoodie Allen vs. Mike Stud beef war just got A WHOLE LOT MORE INTERESTING.

Hoodie Allen Started a Rap Beef War on Twitter with Mike Stud, Riff Raff, and G-Eazy

Get your popcorn ready, Bros. There's a rap beef war brewing on Twitter between... Hoodie Allen and Mike Stud? SMH.

Hoodie Allen Drops ‘Nolan Ryan’, Which Might Be His Sickest Banger Of All-Time

Hoodie is back to spitting faster than an F-15 at full throttle.

Why 50 Cent’s New Album ‘Animal Ambition’ Sucks and You Shouldn’t Buy It

When 50 Cent came on the hip-hip scene back in 2003, his Get Rich Or Die Tryin album introduced audiences to a fiery street rapper

Drake Drops a New Song, ’0 to 100′

October's Very Own dropping summer bangers now, hyping the world for the new music he's going to bestow upon the world next year.

Wiz Khalifa Arrested for the Most Wiz Khalifa Thing Ever

Wiz Khalifa had some trouble with the law when flying from El Paso to Dallas.

Kanye West Releases New Song, ‘God Level,’ On the Day of His Wedding

Classic Kanye move: Release a song on the day you're dominating the news cycle.

High School Seniors In Trouble for Hanging a Drake-Inspired Sign on Their School as a Prank

Damnit, Drake. First it was YOLO, now it's this.

50 Cent Explains The Jay Z-Solange Fight In the Most 50 Cent Way Possible

The best thing on the Internet today, by far, was Beyonce's sister, Solange, throwing punches at Jay-Z in the elevator of the Standard Hotel after

Rapper Explains Why He Cut Off His Own Penis and Jumped Out of a Window

Remember this story?

Ray J Blew $500,000 on a Car Thanks to VH1

I cannot wait until the day Ray J is irrelevant again...

Jay-Z Just Called Lax Bros Soft as Shit In a Drake Diss Track and Lax Bros Are Fucking Pissed

Awwwwwww, SHIT Bros.... It just got REAL. Lax Bros haven't been so pissed about shade being thrown since Blue Mountain State took on the baseball

Happy Easter! Here’s a Rap By a White Guy Called ‘Jesus Is My N – - – -’

Sipping on a Grail, smoking on a blunt?

I Think I Found the Worst Frat Rap Song In Frat Rap History

Here at BroBible, we have a love/hate relationship with frat rap.

Florida Man Trick Daddy Arrested for Drug, Firearm Possession


You Have to Watch Schoolboy Q Explain His Favorite Word

Alternate title: Schoolboy Q hangs out with the most terrifying Avenue Q puppet.

Rapper Drops a Music Video Tribute to Pornhub Featuring Hot Adult Film Stars

Bros, this might be your new favorite music video. It's SFW, too!

Riff Raff Went On a Date with Katy Perry, Hangs Out with Chicks In Thong Bikinis On the Reg

Reason number #2045 Riff Raff is a madman. CLICK TO WATCH:  Riff Raff Went On a Date with Katy Perry, […]

Hey Look, It’s Nick Cannon In Whiteface, Which Is the Most Talked-About Thing Nick Cannon Has Done In Years

Nick Cannon (the guy who’s married to Mariah Carey) is getting ready to release a new album called “White People […]

Jay-Z And Jay Electronica Drop a Remix of Soulja Boy’s ‘We Made It,’ Diss Drake

About damn time Jay Electronica gets his ass in gear and starts releasing music. Finally the Roc Nation signee drops some new music, this time

Childish Gambino and Chance the Rapper Did a Nine-Minute Freestyle And It’s Pretty Much the Sickest Thing Ever

Internet rap darlings Childish Gambino and Chance the Rapper have mad respect for each other’s game. Both performed at SXSW last […]

Behold, the Greatest Gangsta Rap Song Ever About Tom Hanks

I have no idea who the Buckwheat Groats are, but they just dropped some hot fire paying tribute to actor […]

Chief Keef Was Arrested Again…

Dammit, Chief Keef. Get yourself together...

Kanye West Had a Surprise Concert with Rick Ross, Brought Down the House

Kanye West liked Prince's appearance on Arsenio Hall so much that he swung by to perform the next night with Big Sean and Rick Ross.



Guess Which Kardashian ‘The Game’ Says He Banged?

Oh hey, this is fun! Rapper The Game dished some dirt about banging a Kardashian on a UK radio station.

Mac Lethal’s ‘Tongue Twister Rap’ Breaks the Sound Barrier, Will Leave Your Head Spinning

  Here at BroBible, we’re huge fans of supersonic rapper extrodinatre Mac Lethal. His most recent joint is called “Tongue Twister […]

Brian Williams Raps ‘Rapper’s Delight’ on Jimmy Fallon

This might be the best thing Jimmy Fallon has done on The Tonight Show yet. A genius NBC video editor compiled an […]

Birdman Threw a $500,000 Birthday Party

  Birdman just turned 45, so he threw an insane birthday party where he showed off his $7 million car […]

Andy Roddick’s Jay-Z Impression Is So Bad, Every Rap Fan Will Want to Jump Off a Bridge

Hilariously-bad video from Brooklyn Decker, who uploaded this ridiculous impression of Jay-Z by her husband, Andy Roddick. Stick to tennis, Bro... 

Charlamagne Has an Incredible Story About Partying with Rihanna

This story is absolutely hilarious. Charlamagne proclaims that "Rihanna is the realest since Tupac" and I 100% believe him. You have no idea how badly I want