jaden smith

Jaden and Willow Smith Said Some Really Deep Shit Like They Just Smoked Marijuana And Listened To Pink Floyd


In an unsurprising cosmic twist of the universe, Will Smith's spawn, Jaden and Willow Smith, both have music careers.

mike stud

Mike Stud’s New Song ‘Toast’ Is About Celebrating Shit, Bros


Mike Stud raises a glass to his recent accomplishments with the release of this brand new record entitled, “Toast.


‘Jeopardy’ Made Up Fake Rapper Names For A Category And The Results Were Hilariously Awful


Jeopardy is one of my guilty television pleasures because I like the ego trip I get when I answer the questions correctly ahead of the contestants.

funny videos

Da’Quan IS BACK And Trolling People On The Streets Of New York


It's been quite a while since we've heard from Da'Quan, University of Michigan's Riff Raff and #1 fan of the movie Drum Line.


Drake Is MAD, Looks Like He’s About To Fight A Dude In This Vine Video Outside A D.C. Strip Club


Drake was chillin' at a strip club called Stadium Club in Washington, D.


Rapper Stitches Offers ‘Cocaine’ To Audience At Concert Before His Wife Chases Him Off The Stage


Rapper Stitches is the mad man behind the unofficial song of the 2014 San Francisco Giants World Series run.

mac miller

Mac Miller Is No Longer An Indie Rapper, Signs A $10 Million Record Deal


We all remember the classic Mac Miller mixtapes like Best Day Ever and Kids that launched his career.


I Can’t Stop Watching This Vine Of Rick Ross Talking About Eating Pears


For years, Rick Ross's morbid obesity was pretty much the rapper's personal brand in the hip-hop world.

San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants Sang A Gangsta Rap Song About Selling Cocaine Called ‘Brick In Yo Face’ While Celebrating The NCDS


Last night, the San Francisco Giants stamped their ticket to a National League Championship Series against St.

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