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Elderly Rapper Lays Down A Sick Track About How He’s Crushed More Poon Than Hugh Hefner


This 70-year-old by the name of Bitcoin the Rapper has burst onto the scene in the six days, dropping hit after hit after hit.

wu tang clan

Wu-Tang Clan Just Dropped Their 20th Anniversary Album, Here’s Our Review


Since the early 90’s America has experienced its first black president, six iPhones, the inventions of Facebook, Snapchat, and zero Knicks championships.


Here’s The Sick Freestyle Eminem Delivered At 24-Years Old At NYC’s Baruch College


PIERRE ANDRIEU/AFP/Getty Images) Last month, we made a big deal about Eminem dropping a SICK -- seriously, SICK -- freestyle at the age of 42.


Check Out The Alternate Version Of Eminem’s Hit ‘Lose Yourself’ That He Doesn’t Even REMEMBER Recording


“Lose Yourself” was one of the biggest hits of the 2000’s, and now the song could become a hit for a second time around…albeit an alternate version of the original track.

slim shady

At 42-Years-Old, Eminem Still Freestyles Better Than Anyone In The Rap Game


Eminem's one of the most gift rappers the world has ever known, and his freestyling skills are what enabled him to ascend to his status today.

epic rap battles of history

Epic Rap Battles Of History Is Back With ‘Ghostbusters Vs. Mythbusters’


In what's been a several month hiatus during Season 4, Epic Rap Battles Of History is finally back, and they seem to be trying to tap into the Internet's love of all things nerd.


Big Breasted Girl Drops Crazy Freestyle On Bus While Huffing Keyboard Duster


This large breasted chick will huff and she'll puff and she'll spit raw rhymes on the bus.

amy poehler

This Amy Poehler Freestyle Rapping Supercut Is Absolutely Tremendous


It's too bad that Amy Poehler (lesbian porn aficionado) and Tina Fey aren't going to be hosting the Golden Globes anymore after this next one because Poehler, as evidenced by this tremendous supercut of her freestyle rapping on Comedy Bang.


‘Jeopardy’ Made Up Fake Rapper Names For A Category And The Results Were Hilariously Awful


Jeopardy is one of my guilty television pleasures because I like the ego trip I get when I answer the questions correctly ahead of the contestants.

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