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P.E. Teacher Spits Old School Fire And Destroys Student In Freestyle Rap Battle

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Now this is not the best rap battle you will see this week and it probably set hip hop back 20 years, but this student gets absolutely served when he steps to his gym teacher.


This Tiny Dog Would Tear Eminem To Shreds In A Speed Rap Battle


Eminem's got nothing on this little Yorkshire Terrier when it comes to speed rapping.

Wu Tang Clan

Secret Wu-Tang Album Set To Be Released In 88 Years—But Here’s How You Can Listen To It Before Then


'Once Upon A Time In Shaolin' is the secret Wu-Tang album that took 6 years to record, and it may never fully be released to the public.


It Only Takes Six Seconds, But These Are The WORST Rap Lyrics In History

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It's amazing what can be accomplished in such a short period of time.

waka flocka

Waka Flocka’s New Song ‘OVA’ Will Make You Want To Party Your Face Off

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Waka Flocka Flame, DJ Whoo Kid, and Ca$h Out dropped this brand new heater called “OVA.

hip hop

Elderly Rapper Lays Down A Sick Track About How He’s Crushed More Poon Than Hugh Hefner


This 70-year-old by the name of Bitcoin the Rapper has burst onto the scene in the six days, dropping hit after hit after hit.

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