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Behold, the Greatest Gangsta Rap Song Ever About Tom Hanks

I have no idea who the Buckwheat Groats are, but they just dropped some hot fire paying tribute to actor […]

Every Bro’s New Favorite Bro Rapper, Lil Dicky, Drops a Video About Being a ‘White Dude’

Th summer of Lil Dickey is upon us. The University of Richmond grad is killing it like no one else on YouTube right now. This

Kendrick Lamar Lets a Dude on Stage Because He Thinks He’s Going to Suck… Dude Blows Everyone Away

At its very core, rapping is competitive, hostile, and built on one-up manship, so Kendrick Lamar was just doing his thing when he brought this

Problem Drops a Dope Music Video for ‘Like Whaaat’ ft. Bad Lucc

German-born, Compton-raised emcee Problem has been making waves in hip hop influencer circles over the past few months. The always-smilin', MDMA-lovin' rapper just released his music

How to Order Fried Chicken Like a Boss

Remember Australian rapper Bilal B, of "How to Order McDonalds Like a Boss" fame? He gives an encore in battle rap form while ordering some fried

A Little Rap Real Talk, Courtesy of Hopsin

If there's one rap video you're going to watch today, make it this one. In his music video for "Ill Mind of Hopsin," LA-rapper Hopsin

6-Year-Old Rapper’s Music Video Called ‘Booty Pop’ is Full of Barely-Clothed Ladies

The thing I find most humorous about this particularly ridiculous rap video is that there’s a 6-year-old named Albert. HAHAHA. ALBERT! That’s the name of

Mac Lethal Drops the Sickest Rap You’ll Ever Hear About ‘You’re vs Your’

The once-upon-a-time English major in me got a raging grammar orgasm from Mac Lethal's latest video. In his latest video over Gotye's "Somebody

Rate This Kid’s Rap While Driving Around In a Nissan

World, "The Palmer Squares," a new (to us, at least) YouTube rapper who recently dropped this video. On surface level, it's nothing special;

The Swagtastic ‘Livin De Life’ Rapper Is Back with a New Rap Video About the Economy

Remember A. Samuels, the 55-year old Atlantic City casino executive with a passion for hip music? This past August his song 'Livin' the

Does This ‘Crackas In Austin’ Rap Video Bring Shame to Longhorns Fans Everywhere?

Show of hands if you actually laughed at this video. These college rap "parody" videos keep getting worse and worse and worse. The

Murray State Has One of Those Laughably-Bad Rap Anthems Too

Did you think the torture was just going to end with the "We Are Mizzou" anthem? No way! We're sports blog masochists over

This Rapping Two-Year Old Is a Total Boss

Everyone knows that the term "swag" is grossly misused these days as a catch-all descriptor for "cool." However, this is one of those

Jets Fans, Are You ‘Doing the Mark Sanchez’ Yet?

Here's a new anthem for Jets fan everywhere. It's called "Do the Mark Sanchez" by a rapper by the name of Adamaz (Myspace

55-Year Old Casino Executive/Rapper Named A. Samuels Is ‘Livin De Life’ With Swagtastic Music Video

Stop everything you're doing right now. This is a must-watch. World, meet New Jersey rapper A. Samuels, "a 55 Year old casino executive

Philadelphia 76ers Guard Lou Williams Drops Rap Video for ‘Slow It Down’

Back in 2005, the Philadelphia 76ers selected Sweet Lou Williams, a guard out of South Gwinnett High School in Snellville, Georgia, as the 45th pick