This Is What It Looks Like When You Throw Rap Lyrics Into Everyday Conversation And It’s Not Pretty


If you’re talking about your ex boyfriend while on a date and describe him as: “This dude name Michael used to ride motorcycles, dick bigger than a tower I ain’t talkin’ bout Eiffel’s,” You’re going to have an awful, awful date.

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10 wise lyrics from 2014′s Grammy-nominated rappers (in meme form)


It should come as no surprise that rappers know a lot about life.

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Tumblr Hilariously Rewrites Rap Songs with ‘Respectful’ Lyrics


Tumblrs about rap lyrics are a dime a dozen—I'm still a huge fan of the genius who placed E-40's "Time to get up and wipe the eye boogers out my eye" in front of an inspirational background—and the latest installment is pretty funny.

Tone Loc

9 of the most unclever sexual rap and R&B lyrics of the 90s


Hip-hop and R&B songs of the 1990s were abundant with lyrics about sexual intercourse.

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