killer mike versus action bronson

Killer Mike And Action Bronson Engage In Hilarious Rap Battle On Treadmills


  We all know that Killer Mike and Action Bronson‘s rhyming skills are top notch, but what happens when they're forced to spit bars in a completely foreign and scary place for them.

epic rap battles of history

Epic Rap Battles Of History Is Back With ‘Ghostbusters Vs. Mythbusters’


In what's been a several month hiatus during Season 4, Epic Rap Battles Of History is finally back, and they seem to be trying to tap into the Internet's love of all things nerd.


Rapper Punches Other Rapper During Epic Rap Battle


Bro, you're supposed to slay 'em with words, not fists.


9 truly bizarre things rappers do that’d be creepy if you did them


Have you ever stopped to think just how batsh*t crazy rappers act sometimes.

rap battles

Epic Rap Battles of History by ‘Key and Peele’ Pits Michael Jordan Against Muhammad Ali


And it's Muhammed Ali striking the lowest blows of this match, making fun of both Jordan's dead dad and the sweatshops that produce his shoes.

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