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Attention Millennials: Stop Abusing Crowdfunding Campaigns Because You Don’t Want to Work

Late last night, a curious e-mail landed in the BroBible inbox:

Radio Host Repeatedly Calls Erin Andrews a Bitch, Tells Her to Drop Dead

After allowing a leadoff double to Derek Jeter last night, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright said he grooved a […]

Kanye West Compared Being Photographed to Rape, Fox News’ Stacey Dash Thinks He Needs to Experience Prison Rape

Here's a blisteringly hot take to start your day.

This Girl Possibly Tweakin’ Out on Crack Has Craziest Rant Ever, Claims ‘I Own The Satellites, I Own Facebook’

World Star Hip-Hop claims this girl is tweaking out on crack.

Sensitive Idiots Caused ‘Man vs. Food’ Host Adam Richman’s New Travel Channel Show To Get Canceled

Sensitive fat people need to stop writing outraged blog posts and start hitting the gym.

Guy from Staind Stops Concert to Tell Crowd to Stop Being Massive Pieces of Shit

Does it shock anyone that people who go to Staind concerts are huge pieces of white trash shit?

Louis C.K. Went On an Amazing Twitter Rant About How Much Math Homework Sucks

Louis C.K. is right: Everything about math homework sucks.

Snoop Dogg Has a Message for ‘the Racist Piece of Shit Who Owns the Clippers’

Congratulations, L.A. Clippers owned Donald Sterling, for getting on Snoop Dogg's bad side. I'm not sure you want to be on Snoop Dogg's

Anthony Bourdain DESTROYS EDM in Epic Rant

Hey ravers: Anthony Bourdain is sick of your shit.

Howard Stern Has an Awesome Rant About Jeff Van Gundy, Calls Him a ‘Real Douche Bag’

Not sure how we missed this yesterday, but better late than never.

I Can’t Stop Laughing At These Hilarious @Collegefession Videos

The Twitter handle @Collegefession has been on my radar for about two months now.

One Bro’s Emotional Plea to End Bro-On-Bro Violence

Somewhere between hating your life and hating someone else’s, sipping the haterade on the bitter bus becomes a lifestyle choice.

Samuel L. Jackson DESTROYS a News Anchor For Thinking He’s Laurence Fishburne

  Well this has to be the most awkward TV interview ever. A KTLA broadcaster asked Samuel L. Jackson what […]

This BroBible Reader Hates Me For Liking the Coke Commercial and I’m Not Sorry About It At All

This e-mail from a BroBible reader just landed in my inbox. We love getting fan e-mail here at BroBible, but this is hardly fan e-mail.

Watch Katie Nolan DESTROY ESPN Troll Rick Reilly LIKE A BOSS

You know who sucks? ESPN master troll Rick Reilly, a man who writes poems about the New York Jets and enjoys misquoting his own father-in-law. Today Fox One's Katie

Man Writes Epic Complaint Letter to Airline for Having to Sit Next to Obese Person on Flight

Australian man and blogger, Rich Wisken, got to finally enjoy flying on a plane while another human spills over into his seat. I've been there. I've had

SIU Basketball Coach Barry Hinson Had Himself an Angry Post-Game Rant Last Night

Nothing beats a post-game press conference meltdown. Southern Illinois Basketball Coach Barry Hinson had his blown-gasket moment last night after Murray State handed the Salukis (the fuck is

SantaCon Sucks, But Not for the Reasons You Think

I did SantaCon yesterday, and I must be a Grinch because I thought it sucked.

Angry New York Knicks Fan Has The Best Rant You’ll Hear Today

The 5-15 New York Knicks flat out suck. Fans are frustrated to their wits end with a team that's fledged since the Isiah Thomas-era. Having

The Time I Wrote About My First Double Blowjob

Holy motherfuck Batman, have we got a doozy here.

Why No Bro Should Ever Take a Selfie

If you are a girl in between the ages of 13 and 25, you might take selfies. If you are a dude and you take

House Stenographer Goes on Insane Rant During Vote, Is Dragged Away By Police

A longtime House stenographer lost her mind during a vote aimed at ending the the government shutdown. It was really, really weird.

8 Reasons Why Time Warner Cable Is the Worst Company on Earth

Let's get straight to the point here, no intro, no bullshit: Time Warner Cable is the worst company on Earth, and here are the reasons why. Editor's

Here’s the Jimmy Kimmel Video Making Fun of Kanye West That Caused Him to EXPLODE

This is the video Jimmy Kimmel made for his show that caused Kanye West to EXPLODE on Twitter on Thursday night. It involves kids acting out

Kanye West Just EXPLODED On Jimmy Kimmel In an EPIC Twitter Rant

KANYE GOING OFF ALERT! REPEAT: KANYE GOING OFF!!!! Tweeting in all-caps, Kanye West exploded on Twitter Thursday evening with the most explosive, Kanye-esque rant we've seen

Fraternity Alum at Wabash College Furious After Losing Homecoming, Unleash Tyrannical Facebook Rant

As a tipster tells us, winning homecoming is a very big deal to the Phi Psi's at Indiana's Wabash College. Homecoming 2013 was this past week,

Watch Crazy Cursing Lady Steal Rhubarbs From Someone Else’s Property. Trust Us; You Want to See This

Holy shit. I am this chick's new biggest fan. Previously, that was probably the guy who owns the mini-mart where she buys case after case

How To Dodge Questions About Your Sad Life

It happens the second you graduate college: Everyone -- absolutely everyone -- starts bombarding you with questions about your life. The questions can be relentless:

I’ve Got a Serious Ax to Grind With 100 Calorie Packs

The United States sent men to the moon in 1969.  During the 1980’s we saw the rise of the home computer,

Watch the First Interview with High School Student Who Awesomely Ripped His Teacher to Shreds

A few days ago this video of a student ripping his teacher a new asshole for not knowing how to teach went beaucoup viral on our

College Kid Goes NUTS Over Roommate Drinking His Cup of Coffee, Sparking Legendary Rant

How incredible is this rant? It starts with "I JUST want to talk to you, you WORTHLESS piece of shit!" and the opening line is,

Listen to the Blackhawks’ Duncan Keith Completely Rip a Female Reporter

The Chicago Blackhawks have had one of the better seasons of any major sporting team--if you recall, earlier in the season they won so many

Bro Goes to SoulCycle, Lives to Rant About It

I’ve never been a traditional gym guy. When I would lift, I’d find myself sleepwalking from machine to machine, dreaming of that mediocre chocolate protein

‘Lingerie’ Football League Coach ‘Under Review’ for Amazing Locker Room Meltdown

I think the biggest news item here is that the Lingerie Football League actually takes itself seriously enough as a sport for this type of

The 8 Most Annoying People on Your Flight

Nothing highlights the complete awfulness of other human beings like being confined in a small, inescapable place with them. Like a foxhole. Or an airplane.

To Me, If It’s Not Unprotected, It’s Not Sex

I like to have sex with vaginas. I don’t like having sex with synthetic apparitions, custom-engineered to feel just like the original. It’s why I

Mark Cuban Asks, ‘Will Your College Go Out of Business Before You Graduate?’

When Mark Cuban talks, BroBible listens (though there's not much helping you at this point if you've already paid $150k for a fancy piece of

Sunday Night Blues Eraser: Bill Burr Takes on the Entire City of Philadelphia with Epic Rant

We're gonna try something new here. As "the Sunday guy," I have made it my self-appointed duty to provide you Bros of America with a

7 Reasons Why Facebook Is Making Humans Worse

Picture a world where you can’t just reach in to your pocket and see what everyone is doing all the time. Yeah, that’s a world

Gary Busey Has Deep Thoughts About Hobbits, Because Of Course He Does

Hey Internet: How the f*ck did you miss an obscure YouTube channel featuring Gary Buseey? Started many months ago, "did TheBuseyZone" barely has any YouTube views.