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Is Hip-Hop Finally Dead?

In a few days, I’ll be attending Jay-Z’s concert series celebrating the opening of the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. While the prospect of seeing my

The Gentlemen’s Rant: Sex

Sex. You think about it every seven seconds. These guys ranted about it. You may agree with their observations. You just thought about sex again.

The Alternate Hot Chick Universe

Hey guys, Kate Upton, right? Good God. She’s everywhere, not the least of which happens to be the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

You Owe Us a Playoff: An Open Letter to the BCS

Bill Hancock: As the Executive Director of the Bowl Championship Series, I would assume it's safe to say you understand the importance of your job.

Watch a Sour Clemson Fan Rant and Call South Carolina ‘The Short Bus of the SEC East’

This is YouTube's token Clemson superfan MrClemsonTom. Following the Tigers' loss to their non-conference rivals down I-26 this past weekend, MrClemsonTom took to

Lake County Fielders Play-by-Play Announcer Qumar Zaman Quit His Job On-Air After Not Being Paid

The Lake County Fielders are a minor league team from Lake County, Illinois, just north of Chicago. Their claim to fame? Part-ownership by

Guy Rants About Derek Jeter Not Playing in the All-Star Game

Derek Jeter has decided to sit out of the All-Star game. Who gives a sh*t, right? After all these years, he's earned that

CM Punk Trashed Vince McMahon and WWE on Raw Last Night

I just caught this on Sports Grid, and I honestly couldn't tell you who the hell CM Punk is. I suspect others who don't follow

White Trash Grandpa Freaks Out Over Pecan Pinwheel Snacks

Judging this is from a YouTube account called, "The Angry Grandpa Show," we're willing to bet the farm this grandfather's childish, profanity-filled rant about pecan

VIDEO: The Most Hilarious Reno Park Ranger Rant You’ll Hear All Day

Late last night our friends at BNQT.com passed along this awesome video of a Reno park ranger freaking out on a bunch of snowboarders. Not