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The 20 Most DTF Colleges in America

Sex is an important part of any college experience. Looking back, we can’t remember our classes, our professors, or our grades. What we do remember,

Here’s a Scientific Ranking of All Santa’s Reindeer

You can probably name them all. Their names all went down in history, but only one was an ALL-EYES-ON-ME glory hog. Today we explore which of

You Might Be a Redneck If You Live in One of These 10 Cities

The good people at real estate blog Motovo decided to find out which cities are home to the most rednecks. They defined redneck as “gun-toting,

BCS Update: Computer Says Notre Dame is Still No. 1

Computers can’t be trusted. Smash the nearest one in a pre-emptive strike.

NFL’s Most and Least Liked Players List Proves High-Drafted QB Busts Are Very Unloved

People love a winner, but they hate dickheads, over hyped underachievers and, for some odd reason, Kyle Orton. Why the shit is Kyle Orton one

Playboy’s Top Party School Rankings Are Debatable

Playboy, in its infinite wisdom, has released its annual list of the nation’s top party schools. Of course, their rankings supersede any other publication’s because

Oklahoma at the Top of the Class in the USA Today/College Football Preseason Coaches Poll

The USA Today College Football preseason coaches poll came out this morning, with the Oklahoma Sooners leading the class with 42 first-place votes. To absolutely

A Few Thoughts About That Inane GQ List Ranking ‘The Worst Sports Fans in the Country’

So... let's talk about that GQ article. No, not Seth Mnookin's fluff profile of Derek Jeter that's being trumpeted on April's cover. The story that

First High School Lacrosse Regional Rankings Released

The first Under Aarmour high school lacrosse rankings are out, and most of the usual suspects have cracked the top 10s in the various regions.

Defending Champions Duke Takes Top Spot in First Preseason College Basketball Poll

Last night I shot joePA an email that told him to remind me to post the USA Today/ESPN Top 25 Preseason Coaches' Poll for college