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Top 10 Badass Western One-Liners

Watching last Sunday's premiere of AMC's awesome new Western "Hell on Wheels" — about a former Confederate soldier out for revenge on the Union

Jimmy Buffett Spotted in Key West Wearing His Liquid Flow Shorts

Our friends at Liquid Flow sent over these shots they got of Jimmy Buffett wearing their shorts at a recent concert in Key West, FL.

Jimmy Kimmel’s This Week in Unnecessary Censorship

Jimmy Kimmel's This Week in Unnecessary Censorship is not only one of the best recurring segments in late night but it's a superb way of

College Basketball Player has One Crappy Monday

Who hasn’t gotten pissed off when something didn’t go their way? Fortunately most people react to bad news better than Leonard Young, who decided to

When ESPN Makes a ‘30 for 30’ about the Penn State Scandal What Will They Name It?

We've been debating this in the office for minutes and we want to hear what you think. ESPN is notorious for these specials and they

Opening the Mailbag to Deal with Cheaters, Farters, and Why People Think Bros Are Douchebags

If you've got a question you'd like to see answered, no matter how ridiculous it may be, submit it here. And please, stop with all

America’s Sweetheart Mike Tyson Impersonates Herman Cain

I'm lead to believe the champ completed this entire video in only one take per scene. I say that because I had trouble understanding half

Teens Using Vodka Soaked Tampons To Get Drunk (w/priceless video)

Tampons drenched in vodka, beer bongs up their sh*t pipe, teens are doing anything and everything to get their f*cking buzz on. And I love

Occupy Protesters in California are Unloading Their Bowels on Bank Property

The Eureka, California faction of Occupy Wall Street is apparently peeing and pooping on bank property. Because that's what rational protesters do. One

Cops Made ‘U Raise ‘Em, We Cage ‘Em’ T-Shirts and the Community Shockingly Did Not Care for Them

The Twin Rivers Police Department really irritated the a**holes in their community this time. Worst part: They made these blatantly factual and awesome "U Raise

Professional Surfer Causes Outrage by Taking a Picture Mounting an Almost Endangered Sea Turtle

I fail to see the problem with this. Pro-surfer Jamie O'Brien grabbed a turtle, took a 2 second picture with it, and certain persons in

Here are a Few Photos of the Broad Beiber Allegedly Knocked Up

By now everyone's heard that a 20-year-old named Mariah Yeater is suing Justin Bieber for child support claiming he is the father of her 3-month-old

Face-Tattooed Sk*nhead Has 25 Surgeries to Look Normal For His Son

Have you heard the one about the sk*nhead with an over-allotment of face tattoos who got 25 surgeries just so he can make his

Did Ovechkin Call Boudreau a ‘Fat F**k’?

Everyone knows it sucks getting benched, especially in the final minute of a game, with your team down one. It’s a whole lot worse when

Man Sets World Record by Putting 18 Quarters Up His Nose

You ever see that HBO movie special in the '90s about a terminally ill teen called "Someone had to be Benny?" As much

Idiot of the Year is Saved From a Burning House by His Dog Then Leaves Dog Inside to Die

Duncan was a boxer, a fine goddamn dog, and a loyal pal if there ever was one. Now, after saving his owner's life, he's also

From the Crypt: A Written Guide on ‘Using the Internet’ in 1996

The only things I remember about 1996 is that the Bulls were f*cking awesome, AOL was all the rage, and my girlfriend loved giving  blow

Dad Vomits on Himself While Riding Roller Coaster

Look at this guy's face. From the onset he appears to be in brutal agony. Meanwhile, his 8 year-old daughter is having the

Here are Police Officers Cornering and Shooting What Must Be a Very Dangerous Cow

Police Officer: Hey, Cow! Get back here and stand down! Cow: "Mooo and shit" Police Officer: "I said hey, you stupid f*cking cow. Get your

61-Year-Old Man Steals $130,000 From Employer to Fund His Online P*rn Subscriptions

How the hell could 61-year-old, Michael “Mickey” Leroy Webster (yes, that's his given name) actually pay for adult entertainment, you ask? I have no idea,

Now This Is How You Land A Plane With No Front Landing Gear

Flawless execution displayed by the pilot. But what's more impressive than anything is that he pulled it off without any assistance from a

Man Arrested For Having Sex With a Donkey Has the Best Excuse Ever

Here is a completely accurate reenactment of how this all shook out: Man on the ground lacing into one of donkey's penetrable orifices. Cops arrive

87-Year-Old Man Caught With 104 Bricks of Cocaine

I can say with the utmost certitude that 87-year-old, Leo Sharp, had no intention, whatsoever, of consuming any of the contraband (which had a wholesale

Buffoon Opts to Get Hit in the Balls With a Tire From a Tractor Trailer

Here is something you decide to do prior to realizing that if an 80 lb. tire struck you in the face it could

Schweddy Balls Ice Cream is Being Pulled Off Shelves

Son of a b*tch. Thanks to the humorless hoes behind One Million Moms, it looks like I missed my chance at mouth full of Schweddy

Qaddafi’s Final Moments Caught on Tape

By now everyone has heard about Moammar Qaddafi’s death at the hands of his own people. The question everyone is asking though is

The First-Ever Skateboard Side Flip Is Crazy Awesome

I was never that good at skateboarding growing up, but a few of my buddies were pretty good. But none of them ever

Man With ‘Sexsomnia’ Has Sex While He Sleeps But Can’t Remember It

F*ck Spiderman, THIS guy's gift is a curse. Not only can Ryan Harris not remember the sex he has when he's sleeping, but his wife

Burglar Stole Crap from Cars, then Took a Dump in the Backseat

There are burglars and then there are genuine a**hole burglars, this d*ckwad is the latter. When this perp stole sh*t out of a car, he

Las Vegas Man With 100-pound Scrotum Needs Money for Million Dollar Surgery

You want to walk a mile in Wesley Warren Jr.'s shoes? Feel what life is like carrying a 100 lb. burden in your nut sack?

Hackers Added P*rn to Sesame Street’s YouTube Channel

For 22-minutes Sesame Street's YouTube channel was teaching the kiddies more than just letters, numbers, and life tips that don't mean sh*t, like sharing is

Hard to Beat Headline of the Day: Employee Injected Semen Into Co-workers’ Yogurt Over 20-Month Span

Office antics (slaps knee), what a f*cking hoot they are! If you haven't played Hide Your Semen in a Co-Workers Lunch, you've deprived yourself of

The Gentlemen’s Rant: Halloween

"Here's a costume idea: How about stupid, insecure, skank? Just look in your closet, guarantee it's in there."

Hulk Hogan Rips Tebow and His Jersey on ‘SportsNation’

Not for nothing, Hulkster, but I think what you just said and did to Tim Tebow on "SportsNation" is considered blasphemy.

Gallup Poll: Beer Down, Wine Up, That’s the Way We Like to F*ck

Stop everything! Beer consumption is declining! Wine and Liquor consumption is rising! MEN ARE DRINKING OUT OF F*CKING STEMWARE! THE HORROR! So despite beer still

Steve Young’s Wife Gave Him a Flash Mob for His 50th Birthday

Here's the answer to what you buy the man who has everything for his birthday. Provided that you think your husband would like

23-Year-Old Florida Man Arrested For Phantom Sh*tting in a Middle School

We had a phantom sh*tter in my high school. At the time it was pretty hilarious. Added an extra layer of excitement to your day.

Walmart Customer Pranks Store With a CD Full of Profanity

We knew there were barely any college educations at Walmart, but there must not be security cameras either. Their employees are so stupid

Pro Tip: If You’re Going to Rob a Bank, Use a Mask to Hide Your Face, Not an Air Filter

If this retard, from Cumming GA, can pull off a bank robbery, with no mask, no gun, a toolbox, and an air filtration device covering