Someone Counted Every Single Person Sylvester Stallone Killed On Film And HOLY SHIT It’s A Lot


It took Sylvester Stallone a few films to start murdering people in bunches, but by the time he filmed Rambo: First Blood Part II, man, he really hit his stride.

bachelor parties

This Bro’s Friends Forced Him To Live An Entire Day As Rambo In ‘First Blood’ For The Best Bachelor Party Ever


Vimeo As the resident Stallone/Rambo fanboy I'm sort of obligated to post about this.

first blood

Bros! Sylvester Stallone Is Making Another Rambo Movie! Are We Excited?


32 years after making First Blood Sylvester Stallone is finally going to close the door on John Rambo with a fifth and final film in the series called, wait for it: Rambo: Last Blood.

rambo video game trailer

First bloody ‘Rambo: The Video Game’ trailer


If you don't up the video quality, the trailer for Rambo: The Video Game looks like it was designed for Playstation 1 or maybe even Sega Dreamcast.

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