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KKK’s Newest Recruiting Tactic: Bags of Candy

Severe disadvantage for the KKK considering all the best candy is black.

Australian Woman Goes on Racist Rant Against Fellow Train Passenger With Asian Girlfriend

Very public racist meltdowns are so hot right now.

Racist Dollar Store Tirade Gets A Very Necessary Movie Trailer

There's gotta be a Mel Gibson cameo in here somewhere.

Lady Who Went on Racist Tirade at Dollar Store Responds By Saying N-Word Is Not Racist

We are actually the racists for thinking the n-word is racist!

Angry, Old White Man Punches Black Woman For Cutting in Line at McDonald’s (Video)

All Howard Carl Wilson wanted was some McDonald's.

Racist Morons Are Pissed That the New Miss America Is an Indian-American

It's be nice to think we live in a post-racial society, but every now-and-then America's racial divisions rears its head over the pettiest of all

Waitress at Red Lobster Gets Incredibly Racist ‘Tip’

This receipt, which was given to Red Lobster server Toni Christina Jenkins, started going viral sometime yesterday afternoon. The people of Internetlandia are divided. Some

Listen to This Old Lady’s Insane, Hilarious Voicemail Complaining About Manny Ramirez

This lady, who is 69-years-old and NOT A FUDDY DUDDY, wants you to know that Manny Ramirez’s long hair is causing all of America’s problems.