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Australian Woman Goes on Racist Rant Against Fellow Train Passenger With Asian Girlfriend

Very public racist meltdowns are so hot right now.

Racist Dollar Store Tirade Gets A Very Necessary Movie Trailer

There's gotta be a Mel Gibson cameo in here somewhere.

Lady Who Went on Racist Tirade at Dollar Store Responds By Saying N-Word Is Not Racist

We are actually the racists for thinking the n-word is racist!

Crazy Drunk Hispanic Dude Confronts a ‘Honky’ in the LA Subway

This is uncomfortable to watch. Glad to see the guy at the end stand up for himself and make a complete fool out of the

VIDEO: UCLA Student Rants Against Asians’ Cell-Phone Habits

Here's a video of UCLA student sitting in her dorm room ranting to the world that Asian students at UCLA talk too loudly on their