Georgia School Founder Gets REAL Racist During Graduation Speech, Everyone Storms Out

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Nancy Gordeuk, the founder of alternative school in Georgia, is in some deep shit after she got real racist during her graduation speech last week.

chip kelly

LeSean McCoy Accuses Chip Kelly Of Getting Rid Of All The Good Black Players


LeSean McCoy was dealt to the Buffalo Bills by the Philadelphia Eagles over the winter and he doesn't seem too happy about it.

colin cowherd

Colin Cowherd Loves Oregon Due To Its Wonderful, Mostly White, People


Colin Cowherd said something controversial on his show today.

college news

OU Students Start #HelpHoward GoFundMe Campaign To Raise Money For SAE’s Unemployed Cook


Everything about the racist SAE video scandal at the University of Oklahoma is ugly.

kristi capel

Cleveland Newscaster Kristi Capel Weighs In On Lady Gaga’s ‘Jigaboo’ Music, Probably Wants A Do-Over


We're going to assume Kristi Capel didn't know what jigaboo meant before she used it to describe Lady Gaga's music early this morning.

facebook fails

Vermont Lawmaker Tries To Give State A Latin Motto, Morons Go On Anti-Latino Rampage


You know, I thought I'd seen it all when it comes to Facebook comment idiocy.


NFL Player Has A Powerful Response To Fans Who Tell Him To ‘Shut Up And Play’ For Wearing An ‘I Can’t Breathe’ T-Shirt

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Over the past few weeks, athletes have made their own personal statements in support of the protests about Mike Brown and Eric Garner.


This Giant Douchebag Got His Ex-Girlfriend Fired By Pretending To Be Her On Facebook And Posting Racist Tirades

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Everyone has that moment right after a breakup when you become irrationally angry and vow to yourself and everyone around you (in silence, of course because otherwise they’ll know when you’ve failed) to get revenge on the person who you were once able to call your “significant other.


Racist Caller Says ‘Republicans Hate That N***** Obama’ Live On C-Span


Wouldn't it be nice to live in a world where race isn't a part of the day-to-day politics that go into running this country.


Don’t You Wish There Was Insurance To Cover Your Accidental Racism? Now There Is


You're not actually racist but occasionally you'll drop some verbiage that makes it sound like you spend the weeks in a white hood fashioning crosses out of fallen oaks.

the notebook

Sorry Girls: Nicholas Sparks — The Author Of ‘The Notebook’ — Doesn’t Sound Like Prince Charming


Nicholas Sparks is the household name who penned every basic girl's wet dream fantasy novel, The Notebook.

college news

Syracuse University Women’s Soccer Player Suspended From Team After Racist Rant Is Caught On Video

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Instagram Senior Syracuse University soccer player Hanna Strong is in hot water this week after an Instagram video of her screaming a racist rant went viral.

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