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Two Guys See How Much Racism People Would Tolerate to Live in a Nice Apartment with Cheap Rent

Bad job, bad effort.

Epic (Racist?) Russian Trolls Project Image of Obama Blowing a Banana Onto U.S. Embassy

They did it with a laser.

Teenager Makes a Vine to Prove That Racism Is Still Very Much Alive in America

No matter what your intentions are, being a teenager in a convenience store automatically makes you enemy #1 to the clerks working there.

KKK’s Newest Recruiting Tactic: Bags of Candy

Severe disadvantage for the KKK considering all the best candy is black.

Tips For Being the Only Black Guy or White Guy at a Bar

It can get a little awk.

Here’s a 14-Year-Old Justin Bieber Singing “One Less Lonely N****r” And Joking About Joining the KKK


Lady Who Went on Racist Tirade at Dollar Store Responds By Saying N-Word Is Not Racist

We are actually the racists for thinking the n-word is racist!

V. Stiviano Releases Pics of Her Battered Face, Her Attacker Charged With Hate Crime

Some super passionate Sterling supporters out there.

Here’s V. Stiviano Making Some Pretty Racist Comments of Her Own

V for Vendetta.

Just Justin Bieber Caught on Camera Telling a Really Racist Joke

It includes some slurs.

Police Commissioner Says It’s Okay to Call Obama the N-Word Because He Meets the Criteria

Hot take.

Racist Villarreal Fan Throws Banana at Barcelona’s Dani Alves, Alves Eats the Banana

(Insert "so this is where Donald Sterling was yesterday" joke here)

These Warrior Fans Win the Internet at Trolling Racist Douchebag Donald Sterling

Bravo, Golden State Warrior Bros... Bravo...

Snoop Dogg Has a Message for ‘the Racist Piece of Shit Who Owns the Clippers’

Congratulations, L.A. Clippers owned Donald Sterling, for getting on Snoop Dogg's bad side. I'm not sure you want to be on Snoop Dogg's

The Owner of the L.A. Clippers Tells His Girlfriend to Not Bring Black People To His Games, Is a Huge Racist

Well this is certainly messed up.

Belgian Newspaper Prints Extremely Racist Picture of President Obama and the First Lady as Monkeys

  President Obama is currently in the middle of a sweeping European tour, most notably kicking Russia out of the […]

Hey Look, It’s Nick Cannon In Whiteface, Which Is the Most Talked-About Thing Nick Cannon Has Done In Years

Nick Cannon (the guy who’s married to Mariah Carey) is getting ready to release a new album called “White People […]

Maryland Fraternity and Sorority In Trouble For Throwing a ‘CMT vs BET’-Theme Party

Just a friendly reminder that if you're in a fraternity or sorority and thinking about throwing a party that's vaguely racist, you're almost certainly going

Ole Miss Is Still Racist as Hell, Fraternity Members Hang a Noose Around the Statue Of Civil Rights Hero

What is the hell is going on at Ole Miss? According to a number of separate reports, racist behavior is happening […]

Guess What Happens When a White Guy and a Black Guy Try to Break Into a Car?

  Amazing how a police officer just passively watches a white guy try to break into a car. It’s a […]

And The Most Popular Racial Slur on Twitter Is…

A big let down. It’s “white boy.” The most popular racial slur used on the world’s second most popular social […]

High School Serves Fried Chicken, Cornbread and Watermelon To Celebrate Black History Month — Then Says ‘Our Bad’

A private school for girls outside of San Francisco is apologizing after serving a controversial lunch during their celebration of […]

The Story Of My Unintentional Racism When I Was 8-Years-Old

I’m not racist, but- just kidding. I’m racist.

The Story Of My Unintentional Racism When I Was 8-Years-Old

I’m not racist, but- just kidding. I’m racist.

High School Idiots Chant ‘We Want Slurpees’ at an Indian Player

Ugh. Racism. When a player of Indian descent took the free throw line this past Friday, a group of high school idiots in Western New York

6 Most Unintentionally Offensive Publicity Campaigns

Oh you're African, Gwyneth Paltrow. Sure. Sure you are.

The French Are Hating on the Jews Because Europe or Something

There's a new viral trend sweeping across the European mainland and it's all about hating Jewish people. 

These Vintage Ads Are Delightfully Racist and Sexist

I know, I know, I know: Racism and sexism are bad. 

Sylvester Stallone Caught on Camera Hurling the N-Word at Paparazzi

"Yo Adrian, I did it, I called a paparazzo a n*gger." NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY???  That photo above, oh yeah, that was taken of the Stallone Zone on my desk just

Richie Incognito Tipped a Black Driver and ALL IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD

Look at him, giving that black guy money for a service rendered. I'll tell you one thing, Richie Incognito doesn't condone slavery. 

Watch Racist Ass Richie Incognito Say He’s Not a Racist

I could say I'm not a white, American, adult male, but that doesn't make it true. 

A Few Former Pennsylvania School Officials Liked Sending Texts, EXTREMELY RACIST TEXTS

On August 29, Superintendent Richard Como (that Silver Fox pictured above) and Coatesville High School athletic director Jim Donato resigned from their respective positions citing personal reasons.

Racist Morons Are Pissed That the New Miss America Is an Indian-American

It's be nice to think we live in a post-racial society, but every now-and-then America's racial divisions rears its head over the pettiest of all

Stay Classy, Boston Sports Fans

This is a photo Deadspin landed this afternoon from someone at Red Sox game at Fenway Park in Boston. You stay classy out there, Boston. Just...

The ‘Big Brother 15’ 12-Minute Bigotry Supercut Is Not Humanity’s Finest Moment

I was bored a few summers ago and one thing lead to another and I started watching Big Brother. I thought, Well, this is a

Dunkin’ Donuts Plans on Honoring Crew Members Who Put Up With Abusive Customer

Hey, remember the Worst Person Alive? The one who went to Dunkin' Donuts and tried to score a free meal thanks to the company's refund

Map of the U.S. Shows Which States Sent the Most Racist Tweets Based on Barack Obama’s Re-Election

When the dust finally settled and the election was called, people took to twitter to express their joy, or sorrow, or in several instances, unmatched

Crazy Homeless Guy Gets Knocked Out on the Subway after Ranting, Yelling N-Word

New Yorkers trade crazy homeless person stories like currency. You once had a drunk homeless guy at 11 a.m. corner you and accuse you of

Attention, European Athletes: Now Might Be a Good Time to Cool Down the Racist Tweets

The United States has more than its fair share of problems with racism—but for real Holy-Sh*t-What-Were-They-Thinking racism, look no further than European sports.

The Gentlemen’s Rant: Stereotypes

This week The Gentlemen's Rant tackles stereotypes and fights racism with racism. Go Follow them on Twitter.