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Syracuse University Women’s Soccer Player Suspended From Team After Racist Rant Is Caught On Video

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Instagram Senior Syracuse University soccer player Hanna Strong is in hot water this week after an Instagram video of her screaming a racist rant went viral.


Philly Newspaper Accidentally Runs Most Racist Photo Caption Of All Time


Philadelphia Public Record, a free weekly paper, issued a major "our bad" today for running a ridiculously racist caption in their latest edition.


Here Are the Anti-Racism PSAs MTV Will Air During Tonight’s VMAs


Because anti-racism is a stance we need to take.


Teenager Makes a Vine to Prove That Racism Is Still Very Much Alive in America


No matter what your intentions are, being a teenager in a convenience store automatically makes you enemy #1 to the clerks working there.


KKK’s Newest Recruiting Tactic: Bags of Candy


Severe disadvantage for the KKK considering all the best candy is black.

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