Watch This Muscle Car Self-Destruct While Trying To Show Off


You can't have enough horsepower in a muscle car right.

street racing

Maniac Street Races His 350Z Through Crazy Traffic And My Palms Are Sweating

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This ridiculously insane street racing video is straight bonkers.

Super Car

Two McLaren Supercars Battle On The Track And They Sound Like Scar vs. Simba In The Battle For Pride Rock


The McLaren F1 GTR will forever be one of the most revered supercars ever made.


WATCH: Ken Block Gives Us A Ride In His Ford F-150 RaptorTRAX At The X Games


Rally car driver Ken Block is a legendary figure to Bros around the world.


The Ferrari FXX K Has Horns That Cry Out With The Terror Of A Thousand Deadly Animals, It’s Vintage F1 Reborn


The Ferrari FXX K made its track debut to much acclaim, and in its debut it unleashed a roar that hasn't been heard on a track in many moons.


Crew Regatta Turns To Shit After One Crash Unleashes Chain Reaction Of Hilarious Stupidity


Full disclosure: I was on crew in high school and feel the pain in this video.


Watch This Guy On A Rocket-Powered Bicycle Absolutely SMOKE A Ferrari 430 Scuderia In A Race, Hitting 207 MPH


Holy pants-splitting speed Batman, that bike is like an amusement park ride straight outta hell.


This Is The Fastest Import Car Ever Made, 0-240MPH In 6.05 Seconds, A New World Record


Yes bros, we now live in a world where the fastest import car of all time is a Toyota Supra.


None Of These People Died When This Race Car Flew Off Course Directly At Them, But I Bet They All Shit Their Pants


These people watching the 2014 Jolly Rally Valle d'Aosta should be thanking their lucky stars that this wasn't their own, personal Final Destination movie.


Let’s All Laugh At This Stupid Rabbit Who Thinks He’s Faster Than A Race Car


Apparently the stupid rabbits over in Russia believe that they're endowed with super-rabbit speed, and this one in particular thinks she's faster than a race car.

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