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Justin Bieber Arrested, Charged With DUI and Drag Racing

Justin Bieber was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and drag racing early this morning in Miami.

Here’s What an Indy Car Crashing Into Your Face Looks Like

Dario Franchitti fractured two vertebrae and broke his ankle in this insane crash during yesterday’s Grand Prix of Houston. The wild accident sent debris into

Girl in Racecar Freaks Out Because It’s Going Too Fast

We’re pretty sure this woman named Kara enjoyed her ride-along in an autocross car. We just think she has a weird way of showing it.

Brad Keselowski’s ‘This Is SportsCenter’ Commercial Continues Proud Comedy Tradition

If there’s one thing we really cover like hawks here at BroBible, it’s NASCAR. So it’s only natural we felt inclined to show you the

Racing Fight Decided When One Participant Gets Arm Stuck in Car

Things got heated in Andy Moore’s home state this weekend. And get this: it was at a race track. Did you know racing is BIG

An Olympic Sprinter Racing a Robot Is Without Question the Stupidest Thing You’ll See Today

This aggravated the ever-living shit out of me. So much so that I had to post it -- consider it the blogging equivalent to hate

Watch a Bunch of Bros Race Each Other in Barbie Jeeps

Every year, the 4x4 crew holds a Barbie Jeep Race. The prize: $200. The video evidence: Priceless.

Insane Japanese Car Crash Will Make You Yell, ‘Oh, Sh*t!’

Despite every indication to the contrary, everyone involved in this horrific crash is alive. That is simply astounding. 

Ever Wonder What a High-Speed Crash Looks Like to a Racecar Driver?

Sweet God in heaven! Look at how much of a beating this dude’s head takes. It’s enough to make Roger Goodell fine the pavement.

LoLo Jones is Confident She Could Beat Quadrapalegic Eric LeGrand in a Race

God bless Twitter. Two people enter into an exchange, one invariably leaves in shame.

Bryan Heitkotter on What Gran Turismo Is Like in Real Life

Last year Nissan's GT Academy winner, Bryan Heitkotter, was given a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. So what was it like to go from

The World’s Greatest Drag Race 2

Remember "The World's Greatest Drag Race" from last year? At 8 million YouTube views and counting, it's still cleaning up. Impressively enough, the 2012 Nissan

Easily the Sickest Drifting Video Ever, Feat. Ken Block and the Streets of San Francisco

Most drifting videos are so boring, they're almost unwatchable to the casual car enthusiast. Not the case with Ken Block's latest masterpiece, Gymkhana 5:It's nearly

Time to Add Wingsuit Racing to Your Bucket List (Video)

Another masterpiece by my favorite YouTube autuer, Devin Graham. For his latest bucket list video, Graham jumped out of a plane with a wingsuit, hitting speeds

Two Cars Race on a Real Life Hot Wheels Track

Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy got to realize all of our childhood dreams at the X Games in Los Angeles. They took on the Hot

Anthony Davidson’s Insanely Scary Crash at the 2012 Le Mans 24 Hours

Absolutely frightening crash during hour five of the legendary Le Mans 24-hour. Toyota's Anthony Davidson becomes airborne and flies into a safety wall after getting

GP3 Driver Conor Daly Somehow Walked Away from This Incredible Crash Unharmed

Wow. Conor Daly went for the ride of his life when his car went airborne during a GP3 race in Monaco. The trouble begins around

Bugatti Veyron vs. Lamborghini Aventador vs. Lexus LFA vs. McLaren MP4-12C (Video)

It's not often we get to post some good old fashion car smut around here, but this is special. What happens when you pit a

Kurt Busch Has a F*cking Problem With F*cking Everything

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch seems like a nice enough guy, but, wow does he ever have a spicy mouth. Here’s audio from his

ARCA Driver Matt Affarano Had a Bit of a Crash Yesterday

ARCA racer Matt Affarano survived a scary crash yesterday at Talladega that saw him flip over a half-dozen times. He was treated for

Metropolis II Features Thousands of Racing Hot Wheels Cars, Is Awesome

I want this. Growing up, it was imperative that I amassed as many Hot Wheels cars as economically possible. Suffice to say, I

Woah: The Winner Of the British Superbike Championship Was Decided By 0.006 Seconds

If I were to do a show of hands about how many of our readers cared about motorcycle racing or, in particular, the

Watch a Race Car Driver Pull Another Race Car Driver From Burning Car

High drama at the Oklahoma Sports Park this past Saturday. During the 50-lap 2nd Annual Stock Car Nationals, Terry Muskrat, Brian Wolfe and

Watch Red Bull’s Formula 1 Car Get Chased Around Austin Texas

Perhaps you heard that Austin, Texas is building, "The Circuit of the Americas," an F1 racing track that will debut in November 2012.

Watch AK-47-Wielding Saudis Drift at Dangerously High Speeds in Possibly the Most WTF Video Ever

What. The. F*ck?! Dug up by the motorheads at Jalopnik, this has to be one of most insane drifting videos in the history

Kentucky Derby 2011 Predictions: The 137th Running Is Anyone’s Race

This weekend blesses us with the 137th Run for the Roses, which means parties, big hats, and lots of money being thrown around. The Kentucky

Son-of-a-Digger’s Monster Truck Back Flip from this Past Weekend is All Kinds of Awesome

Yeah, we're totally going there and posting a kick ass clip from the wide world of monster truck racing. Go screw yourself if you don't

From Controller to Cockpit: How Lucas Ordonez Went From a Gamer to a Le Mans Series Racer

Of all the truly bro professions, few drop panties faster than race car driving. You travel the world, drive sweet cars, and encounter savage amounts

Professional Driver Ben Collins Talks NASCAR, Driving as 007, and Life After Top Gear’s ‘The Stig’

"Some say that his genitals are on upside down, and that if he could be bothered he could crack the Da Vinci code in