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Tips For Being the Only Black Guy or White Guy at a Bar

It can get a little awk.

Guess What Happens When a White Guy and a Black Guy Try to Break Into a Car?

  Amazing how a police officer just passively watches a white guy try to break into a car. It’s a […]

In Interview, Richard Sherman Says the Word ‘Thug’ Is Akin to a Racial Slur

At a press conference today, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman said people who use the word 'thug' to describe him are using it as a

‘Catch The Mexican’ Was a Game Played at This Delightful-Sounding ‘USA vs. Mexico’ Frat Party

College kids. Always being college kids. 

Patton Oswalt Tells a Story About a Magical Black Man

This finely crafted tale will surely do wonders for race relations. It will also make you laugh. Humor is colorblind.

Want to See a Man with a Cowboy Hat Get Leveled During a Redneck Fight at a Racetrack?

This here is a redneck fight from some speedway we haven't been able to identify. Yet. Punches get thown at :20 after the little man

Watch Monster Tajima’s Record-Breaking Run Up Pikes Peak

Remember the video of Bobby Regester taking a spill off the side of Pikes Peak? That wasn't the only gnarly footage from last