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Former Detroit Lions Quarterback Scott Mitchell Is Now VERY Fat, Will Be a Contestant On ‘The Biggest Loser’

Put the fork down, Scott.

NFL Quarterbacks Talking Shit on Facebook is Back, Eli Manning Naturally Gets Shit On

Lets not ruin this with words.

This Breakdown of NFL Quarterback’s Salaries By Production Proves Sometimes You Don’t Have to Do Shit to Get Paid

Our friends at Next Impulse Sports just released this infographic detailing what each NFL quarterback made last year and what […]

How Accurate is Drew Brees? This Accurate.

Here a skeet. There a skeet. Everywhere a skeet, skeet.

Jim Harbaugh Can Still Sling It Like a Boss

This is Jim Harbaugh, just hucking it down the field during warm-ups. 

Angry Texans Fan Buys, Burns Matt Schaub Jersey

There are many ways to show disdain for your NFL team. None of them should cost $200. 

Homemade Cleveland Browns Jersey Pays Homage to Every Browns Starting QB Since Tim Couch

The Tim Couch era was a LONG time ago, gang. He was the starting quarterback of the Cleveland Browns in 1999. Since then, and including

Pee Wee Football Player DESTROYS Linebacker On His Way to the End Zone

This hit reminded me of the lyric, "Move Bitch, get out the way. Get out the way, bitch. Get out the way. " Kid got

Here are All Seven of Peyton Manning’s Touchdowns

Peyton Manning tied an NFL record by throwing for seven touchdowns last night in the Denver Broncos’ rout of the Baltimore Ravens. SEVEN! Never has

NFL Quarterbacks Talking Trash on Facebook: Super Bowl Edition

Well, it's been a hell of a run, 20 weeks for the ages, really. The football season was alright, too, but the run I'm talking

NFL Quarterbacks Talking Trash On Facebook: Week 16 Edition

This week boys talk about the playoff hunt, Calvin Johnson's record, week 16's games, and even Santa Claus joins the conversation just to tell Jay

Week 15 of NFL Quarterbacks Talking Trash on Facebook Features Adrian Peterson and Chrushmas Carols

You know the drill: read it from the top down.

‘What If Quarterbacks Were Facebook Friends?’ Is Back with a Tremendous Week 6 Recap

We love Total Pro Sports' tremendous QB Facebook threads, which feature elite quarterbacks shooting the breeze. Here is the latest installment.

‘What If Quarterbacks Were Facebook Friends?’ Hilariously Imagines an Elite QB Facebook Thread

This sort of humor seems to be a burgeoning trend, likely because its hilarity is pretty damn spectacular. Huge ups to the folks at Total

Training Camp Helmet Cam Allows Us to Look Through the Eyes of a Quarterback

University of Kentucky quarterback Maxwell Smith was hooked up with a helmet cam during a 7 on 7 drill at practice. After watching this video I

Bro vs. Douchebag: Breaking Down Which NFL Quarterbacks are Bros or Douchebags

Our friends at SB Nation passed along this brotastic video of Matt Ufford and Dan Rubenstein breaking down the bro-ness of Mark Sanchez,