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Huge Win for Selfies: Purdue to Put Student Photos on Helmets

Boiler upload.

Glenn Robinson III Crushes His Father’s Alma Mater With a Rim-Dancing Buzzer-Beater

Never a doubt.

Shots Fired at Purdue University, One Person in Custody

Shots were fired at Purdue's Electrical Engineering Building today and one person is in custody, according to Purdue spokeswoman Liz Nichols. As of 1:20 p.m. EST, police

This Purdue University Rap Video Is So Bad, It’s Kind of Enjoyable

Oh, how I've missed school spirit videos like this. Indiana University kids are going to love this hilariously-terrible rap video of Purdue students making fools

Purdue’s Grand Prix “One Shining Moment” Highlight Reel is Something We Received

I fully anticipated not liking this user-submitted tribute to past drinking glory. But I was waaaaaaaaaay off. Perhaps you can set anything to “One Shining

Going Ugly Early for the Week 13 NFL Picks

“Go Ugly Early” is the official slogan of Harry’s Chocolate Shop, Purdue’s #1 alumni bar, but it might as well be the new slogan for

Devastated Purdue Bro Can’t Believe University Placed His Fraternity on Probation

We get a lot of tips in our mailbox, but this one really stands out. One devastated Purdue Bro dutifully informs us that his fraternity

You Won’t Believe This Behind-the-Back Touchdown Pass in Purdue Intramural Game

Anyone who participates in intramural sports knows that there is nothing – NOTHING – more important. Hell, I remember not studying for exams just to

Bench-Clearing Brawl Breaks Out During Big Ten Title Game between Purdue and Indiana

Tempers flared at the Big Ten Title Game when Purdue took on Indiana. 

Michigan State’s Branden Dawson Throws Down Windmill Dunk

Branden Dawson chose Michigan State over Purdue at the last minute. Boilermaker fans aren't too happy about it and let him hear their

Watch Purdue’s Kelsey Barlow Destroy OSU’s Jared Sullinger with a Huge Dunk

That man you see flying through the air over Ohio State's Jared Sullinger is Purdue’s Kelsey Barlow, who destroyed him with a posterizing

The Trashiest Notre Dame Fan Fight You’ll See Today

I spent two years at Notre Dame and not once was I treated to a meth-induced trailer-park brawl. Finally, one has emerged from the parking