models saving puppies

Hot Models Devote Their Lives To Saving Hundreds Of Stray Dogs–And Sometimes The Headline Just Writes Itself


Gone are the days when you have to choose between smoking hot chicks and adorable puppies.

gooshy sensations

This Baby Monkey Petting A Litter Of Puppies Will Make The Broiest Bro Feel Gooshy


If your body isn't tingling right now, I have no room for you in my friend circle.

kate upton

Kate Upton Played With Puppies At A Spring Training Game


Kate Upton patted and snuggled with some homeless dogs before today's Washington Nationals-Detroit Tigers spring training game.


This Husky Puppy Can ‘Talk’ Like A Baby And It Sounds Like Something Straight Out Of Your Nightmares


If my dog sounded like this I’d take it right back to the pet store and demand a refund.


Scumbag FedEx Driver Caught On Camera Stealing Two Puppies From A Family


Like, literally stealing the puppies from this family.

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