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Let This All Puppy Pool Party Cure Your Monday Blues

Good dog content.

Hahahah Fuck Your Purebred Dog

Not like, literally, dude. Gross.

Drop the Tough Bro Act for 15 Seconds and Watch a Puppy and a Baby Cuddle

It's perfect.

Jimmy Fallon Had Adorable Puppies Prognosticate the Super Bowl

And the winner will be?

Bro Shows How to Use a Puppy to Pick Up Chicks

This is a skill every Bro should master: Pimping out fido to get kisses from the ladies. Bro move, dude. Bro move... 

Two Puppies Interrupt a Soccer Match, Make People Feel Feelings

Puppies on the pitch! Puppies on the pitch!

This Tough Guy With A Mike Tyson-Esque Face Tattoo Is Terrified of Puppies

Meet Marvin. He's a big, bald, uber-hard, prison block type of guy with neck/face/sleeve tats and lots of flashy gold chains. In otherwords,