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High School Bro Blocks Two Punts on the Same Play

It takes a tremendous amount of effort to block a punt. One must break through the opponent's line and sacrifice his body for the good

I Can’t Stop Watching This Extremely Illegal Hit on a Poor Punt Returner

You’re going to see more ejections this year in college football with the increased emphasis on safety and implementation of the targeting rule. This is

Jonny Gomes Hit a Walk-Off Homer, C***-Punted His Helmet

Jonny Gomes hit a walk-off home run for the Boston Red Sox last night, which was impressive. But his celebration was even more enjoyable. Here’s

Nebraska’s Spring Game Featured Fat Guys Fielding Punts

There’s something oddly mesmerizing about watching offensive lineman trying to corral punts. Kudos to Nebraska coach Bo Pelini for realizing this is what the people

Canadian Football Team Returns Punt for a Touchdown By Punting It Back

Apparently this is legal in Canadian football. Sorry, but it just looks kind of stupid and very un-football-like.