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Punter Gets Boned by Stiff Wind, Costs Team 2 Points

Junior college football. Catch the fever. Arizona Western’s punter fell victim to a strong wind in the El Toro Bowl against New Mexico Military Academy.

High School Bro Blocks Two Punts on the Same Play

It takes a tremendous amount of effort to block a punt. One must break through the opponent's line and sacrifice his body for the good

Rams Punter Johnny Hekker Has Busy Offseason Snorting Lines of Jell-O and Doing Cinnamon Challenge

Johnny wants Twitter followers. Johnny will to anything to procure said followers. Even if that means stooping to lowly food challenges. Follow Johnny. Challenge  him

Colts Punter Pat McAfee Shares a Crazy and Hilarious ‘Catfish’ Story on Twitter

Woah, read this. Beloved Indianapolis Colts punter and radio show host Pat McAfee shared a rather interesting "Catfish" story on Twitter this morning. Could this

Are NFL Punters ‘Actual Football Players?’ Houston’s Punter Donnie Jones Doesn’t Think So

Well, I'll gladly take his "acutal NFL salary" if that's up for grabs.