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This Punt Return is Pretty Awesome

On the bright side, this is an incredible punt return by Dominick Williams of Muskingum University (Ohio). On the not-so-bright side, it’s yet another sad

This Division III Punt Return Wins Yesterday, Probably Today, Too

You probably didn't watch the Divison III Heidelberg-Muskingum game last night.

Here’s a Bizarre High School Football Punt Return

When playing a game, it’s important to understand the rules. Otherwise, shit like this can happen.

Watch This High School Punt Returner Juke an Entire Team

I lost count at 12 broken tackles, and even then I wasn't sure that is right. When three people pile on you and you escape, does

Tulsa Won Conference USA Thanks to a Super-Weird Punt Return

Tulsa punt returner Trey Watts should get a 99 rating in awareness in all subsequent football games.

Amazing Punt Return Will Make You Weep for The Lost Art of Tackling

Bad tackling is a football epidemic. I mean, have you seen either West Virginia or Texas play this year? Just brutal. Judging by this incredible