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This Australian Football League Sucker Punch Hurts to Even Watch


Your Face Is so Punchable Thanks to Evolution

You may think it's not, but it is very punchable.

UFC Fighter Dan Henderson Knocks Out Shogun Rua With a Devastating Punch


Is This The Worst Knockout In a High School Girls Basketball Game Ever?

That's admittedly a small sample size. Maybe this the knockout game? Bully for her if it is. No one expects the game to go down

Human Stain Punches Lady at Gas Station Over 41 Cents

Look, dude, we understand times are tough but perhaps 41 cents aren't enough to warrant the full-on assault of a woman. Just saying.

Golf Fight Comes In Under Par After One Spectacular Punch

Golf is usually a gentleman’s game, full of decorum and honesty. This is an exception to that generalization.

Skateboarder Runs Into Child, Gets Punched in Face By Enraged Mother

What kind of skate park is this? It has professionals filming tricks while random kids wander around unsupervised.

Kendall Gill, Tim Doyle Exchange Punches After Heated Debate on Chicago Sports Talk Show

Well, this is just tremendous. Professional behavior all around.

Watch Juan Manuel Marquez Knock Out Manny Pacquiao

Down goes Pacquiao! Down goes Pacquiao!

Bus Driver, Passenger From Epic Bus Uppercut Video Face Serious Criminal Charges

The Uppercut Heard ‘Round the World will have consequences for each party involved.

Guy Gets Sentenced to 15 Years in Jail, Immediately Punches His Lawyer in the Face

That punch cost him another six months on top of his freshly imposed 15-year sentence. I thought they'd have given him a pass since it

Florida Lacrosse Player Delivers Vicious Suckerpunch

A high school lacrosse playoff game in Florida got extremely ugly when a highly touted defenseman decided to just start throwing punches. The player,

100 Best Punches In Movie History

Jesus Christ, there are already a ton of these movie mash-ups surfacing this week. Clearly we think that we'd be remiss if we

Who Wants to Watch a Video of a Teacher Punching a Student in the Face?

I have a lot of respect for teachers and I truly can't imagine a more miserable job than having to deal with a classroom of

VIDEO: Samoan Rugby Star Clocks Opposing Player with Three-Punch Knockout

We usually don't follow professional rugby, especially the going-ons in England's Aviva Premiership. However, we couldn't resist posting this after noticing it in quite a