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Samuel Jackson ‘Pulp Fiction’ Speech Is Just as Intimidating Today as It Was in 1994

"I've had it with these motherf------ talk show hosts asking me to recite my motherf------ monologue."

This ‘Pulp Fiction’ Remix is Extremely Well Done

In fact, it’s about 1/100th as cool as Samuel L. Jackson. High praise.

‘Pulp Fiction In Chronological Order’ Is the Most Insanely Detailed Infographic Ever

I don't think Quentin Tarantino's actual storyboards for "Pulp Fiction" are as detailed as this incredible infographic by graphic design student Noah Daniel Smith. In

Every Single Cuss Word in ‘Pulp Fiction’: The Supercut

You've probably seen the movie "Pulp Fiction" at least half a dozen times, maybe more. All things considered, the Quentin Tarantino classic has 429 swear