Pulp Fiction fancy video

‘Pulp Fiction’ cut to create a video for Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’ is BEYOND AMAZING


I don't know how someone has the time to take Pulp Fiction clips and audio and turn them into a video for Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" I'm just glad that people like this exist.

the graham norton show

Samuel Jackson ‘Pulp Fiction’ Speech Is Just as Intimidating Today as It Was in 1994


"I've had it with these motherf------ talk show hosts asking me to recite my motherf------ monologue.

The Rock

8 of the most badass movie soundtracks of all time


A film's music can convey emotion, propel action and nail a finale like nothing else, but some movies go above and beyond by skipping the more tasteful Academy Award-winning fare in favor of a musical medley of total badassery.

Youth in Revolt

7 interesting examples of actors playing against type


Being a typecast actor, in theory, is really an honor.


This ‘Pulp Fiction’ Remix is Extremely Well Done


In fact, it’s about 1/100th as cool as Samuel L.

Pulp Fiction

‘Pulp Fiction In Chronological Order’ Is the Most Insanely Detailed Infographic Ever


I don't think Quentin Tarantino's actual storyboards for "Pulp Fiction" are as detailed as this incredible infographic by graphic design student Noah Daniel Smith.

Video games

VIDEO: ‘Gamestore’ is a show about dorks working at, you guessed it, a game store


Remember yesterday's mention of noobz, that movie which satirizes gamers and the gaming culture, but somehow manages to look halfway decent, even somewhat funny.


Every Single Cuss Word in ‘Pulp Fiction’: The Supercut


You've probably seen the movie "Pulp Fiction" at least half a dozen times, maybe more.

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