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Let’s Close Out the French Open with Video of Novak Djokovic Puking

It's mostly water.

A Drunk Jennifer Lawrence Once Puked In Front of Miley Cyrus

Even when she vomits, it's cool.

A Woman Puked All Over Lady Gaga During SXSW Set

Compelling footage.

Hot Chick Drinks Colored Milk, Vomits It on to Canvas, Calls It Art

Fuck. Why didn’t I think of this? I’m a boss at puking. Two weekends ago, I had to puke so […]

Ease Into Your Lunch Hour by Watching a Guy Vomit All Over Himself While Riding a Rollercoaster

Creamed corn, anyone?

5 Easy Steps to Puking and Rallying at the Bar

We’ve all been there—you take a tough shot of whiskey or tequila at the bar and now your stomach’s a bit off.  Maybe it’s because

Life’s Highs, Lows Perfectly Illustrated By Video of Bros Deep-Sea Fishing

Some days you’re on top of the world and others the world bends you over like Tera Patrick.

Here’s Kenneth Faried Puking On the Denver Nuggets’ Bench

I have never puked while playing sports. Does that make me more athletic than Kenneth Faried? Maybe.

Puking is a Sure-Fire Way to Lose an MMA Fight

I will admit that I am an MMA neophyte. Is this type of thing normal? Is that the draw? Do bulimics flock to the sport

Puking on Stage is the New Hotness as Lady Gaga Barfs Her Brains Out During Concert

She probably could have puked backstage, before the song, but after seeing how viral Justin Bieber's vomit episode went, who wouldn't want to throw their