Today’s Worst Hangover Belongs To The Kid Who Barfed In The Middle Of Class Right After ‘Jagermeister’ Was Mentioned


Out of all the hangovers I had in college, the worst one was when I had blacked out off of cranberry vodka’s on a Tuesday night, then had to take a Plan Sciences midterm the next morning.

vomit airplane

Irrelevant number of reasons why puking on an airplane is the worst


Reversals of fortune are never fun, but it's a fact of life for people who party correctly.


The 5 stages we all go through before drunkenly vomiting


With alcohol-inspired vomit, though, there’s generally a followed protocol.

worst places to puke

The worst places I’ve puked in public (true stories)


We’ve all been there: A bad meal, a case of nerves, a night on the town.

sleeping at bar

5 ways a day drinking session always ends


Day drinking is a thing of beauty, but it's nearly impossible to parlay that into a real night out.


5 Easy Steps to Puking and Rallying at the Bar


We’ve all been there—you take a tough shot of whiskey or tequila at the bar and now your stomach’s a bit off.

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