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This Hot Bikini-Clad Floridian Was Arrested After Being Videotaped Having Sex On A Public Beach For Over 20 Minutes

If you're gonna get arrested for something, it might as well be this.

Cops Are Looking for a Couple Who Fucked Behind a Dumpster at a Grotto’s Pizza in Newark, Del. on St. Paddy’s Day

Nothing like a little St. Paddy's Day fucking.

Couple Busted for Having Sex in a Home Depot Shed

Sounds like a nice little Saturday.

Meddling Kid Won’t Let His Parents Fuck in Public Park

Chalk this up as reason #742 why kids suck ass. How are these two people supposed to keep their flame burning when Junior is tugging

Boyfriend of the Decade Leaves Girlfriend After She Gets Head Stuck In Railings During Sex in Public

What a magnificent asshole. But in his defense, she wanted to "spice things up" and maybe she harbors a weird abandonment fetish so he ditched

Couple Having Sex in Toilet at Yankees Stadium Was Afforded No Privacy

We're a voyeuristic society, what can I say? We all talk about privacy but when it boils down to it we're a country full of

Two University of Florida Students Arrested For Having Sex on a Picnic Table

Public, out in the open for all to see sex is exhilarating -- if not with an individual that looks like either of these two

PHOTOS: USC Students Have Sex on Roof of Campus Building

USC students: If you decide to climb to the top of the tallest building on campus and have sex to fulfill a graduation requirement, chances

What Has Two Thumbs and Got Arrested for Getting a Blow Job in Public?

Public blow jobs are a right of passage. A wave goodbye to adolescence as you take an eight-pulsed waltz into adulthood. It's an accomplishment. Something you