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If You Don’t Use These Badass Skins, You’re Using the PS4 and Xbox One Wrong

FEEL THE NOSTALGIA. The genius designers at houseofgrafix have created NES-themed skins for the Xbox One and PS4 that might as well come equipped with a

Sony Just Sold a Shit-Ton of PS4s

In 24 hours, Sony sold a lot of Playstation 4s. A lot.

Why 20-Somethings Don’t Really Need a Playstation 4

The first PlayStation was a myth. A legend.

I Can’t Stop Watching This PS4 Get Shot with a High-Powered Rifle

If you've any interest in seeing a mini-Ted Nugent from Rated RR shoot up a brand-new PS4 with a .50-cal rifle, well, you've come to the

Breaking #ConsoleWar News: Sony Is Shipping Out Broken PS4s

Super important CONSOLE WARS update that might be written into the next South Park: Some early users of the PlayStation 4 are reporting broken displays. IGN says

South Park Awesomely Breaks Down the Xbox One vs PS4 Console War

LET THE CONSOLE WARS BEGIN.... Things are about to get WEIRD amongst video game fanboys, as the PlayStation 4 launches in the U.S. in just a couple of

Jimmy Fallon Demos the New Sony PS4, and It Looks AMAZING

Woah. This looks pretty, prett-tay incredible. Gotta love Ice T geeking out at the new Sony PS4 too.

5 Things We Know About the Playstation 4, Sony’s Next-Generation Gaming System

Last night, Sony released the Playstation 4 in a loooong two-hour press conference. I watched the whole thing for two reasons: 1. I hate myself.