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Protein supplements are for goal-oriented people, right?

5 Five-Minute Protein-Packed Recipes that Don’t Require a Kitchen

We all want more protein in our diets. Nay, we all need more protein in our diets.

‘Lunchables’ Introduces Portable Protein Packs For Meatheads Who Miss Their Childhood and Struggle With Basic Nutrition

Finally, a Lunchables that won't make you feel like a pussy.

Bro Builds 1000 Gram Protein Bar, Consumes the Entire Thing

This log of protein looks more like a log of something else once he's done with it, if ya know what I mean. If ya

5 Nutritional Supplements Every Bro Needs

There are really only 5 supplements that you should consider taking. 

The 5 Worst Protein Sources You’ve Been Eating

Have you been pounding down the protes like a famished child and not seeing any results? The quality of your protein could be effecting your

The 10 Best Protein Powders, Reviewed and Graded

It is science that the closest elements to a bro's heart are his mother, his high school football team, and his protein powder. While your

Dom Mazzetti: Whey Too Much Brotein, A Lesson On How to Choose the Best Man Fuel

FACT: Dom's protein shaker > Every protein shaker you've ever used. Also, something is going on with that chalkboard in the background, a penis shows

The Definitive Guide To Supplements: Part I

At JackedPack, we have a saying "More Plates = More Dates". As you can probably guess from that little gem, we are proudly and unashamedly

The Truth About Protein

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