Duke Porn Star Belle Knox Wants Prostitution To Be Legalized, Makes Compelling Argument As To Why


Belle Knox (AKA Miriam Weeks, AKA THE DUKE PORN STAR, AKA I-don't-have-anything-else-to-call-her-although-I-wish-I-did) hasn't shied away from the spotlight since she was outed several months ago.

dumb crime

This Guy Allegedly Offered A Woman $3 And A Chicken Dinner In Exchange For Sex And I Can’t See Why She Declined


If you’ve looked at my Twitter lately (which I’m sure most of you haven’t because hopefully you have better things to do), you’ll know that I’m poor and hungry.

solicitation of prostitution

Man arrested for trying to pay prostitute with food stamps


In a recent reverse prostitution sting on Daytona Beach officers ended up booking some interesting suspects, one who tried to pay the prostitute with food stamps and and another who had his kid in the car.


7 illegal things that amazingly used to be legal


We tend to think of laws as obvious truths, but the real truth is that as a society we pretty much just make things up as we go along.


What’s Better Than a Cheap Motel? A Drive-In Sex Box and Switzerland’s Got Them!


Of course, these co-called drive-in sex boxes aren't for you and your jump off (or goomah if your into the whole Soprano's lingo movement ).

weird news

In Texas, You Can Apparently Legally Kill Escorts Who Stiff You


I've never sniffed a law school classroom, obviously, but we're either looking at the strangest interpretation of "nighttime theft" ever, or the worst prosecution team since the O.


LinkedIn bothered that prostitutes have profiles on their site


If a prostitute works as a prostitute, isn't he or she allowed to note that on LinkedIn.


This guy is wayyyy too into his hooker as she’s interviewed by the BBC


If you're buying a hooker (not that any of you upstanding gents would ever do that), try to remember it's a business transaction.


‘Eden’ trailer takes a hard look at human trafficking


This isn't the kind of trafficking that you sit in for a half an hour on the way to work.

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