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What Two Guys on the Timberwolves Got Blowjobs From a Hooker Named Candy Deepthroat This Weekend?

Candy Deepthroat is back.

What’s Better Than a Cheap Motel? A Drive-In Sex Box and Switzerland’s Got Them!

Of course, these co-called drive-in sex boxes aren't for you and your jump off (or goomah if your into the whole Soprano's lingo movement ).

In Texas, You Can Apparently Legally Kill Escorts Who Stiff You

I've never sniffed a law school classroom, obviously, but we're either looking at the strangest interpretation of "nighttime theft" ever, or the worst prosecution team

Being Friend-Zoned, Paying for Sex, Shaving Your Crack, and Doin’ It With Her Roommates in the Room

Mailbag time! Check out Tuesday's mailbag here, submit your Ask a Bro questions here, loose chicks send me your phone numbers here. 

This 83-Year-Old Buzz-Saw Got Arrested For Prostitution

Not to be confused, the 83-year-old Iowa resident, Ben Clifford Dawson, didn't get arrested for soliciting a prostitute, he got nabbed for trying TO BE

The 20 Ugliest Hookers Arrested In Florida This Week

Throughout the course of the last week, sixty people -- hookers, pimps, gang members, and johns -- were arrested in Winter Haven, Florida, as part

‘Gentlemen’s Companion’ Guide to New York City Brothels and Prostitution Circa 1870 is a Must-Read

Back in January, an enterprising reporter at the New York Times discovered an incredible relic of New York and Bro history. "The Gentlemen's Companion"

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About New York City Prostitutes

How much does a New York City prostitute charge for sex? Depends on where you found her and how you found her. New research about

19-Year-Old Missouri Man Goes to Police to Seek Refund from Hookers

Cue the "I remember my first hooker" insults. Or the "this kid is a p*ssy and should probably die" rants because Ryan McNames (no really,