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Watch a Chinese Prostitute Change Outfits on a Crowded Subway Train

She must be in a rush to get to a guy with a different fetish.

UPS Driver Banged a Hooker In His Truck, Hooker Posts Selfie Online Wearing His Uniform

Oklahoma prostitute, Tiffany Cums (perfect), posted photos of herself online after a recent tryst with a UPS delivery man. In the photos, Cums -- who is

Brazilian Model Who Had Sex with Justin Bieber Says He’s ‘Very Good In Bed’ and ‘Well-Endowed’

In life, most of us mere mortals who chose not to sign a dotted line with The Devil only get 15 minutes of fame. For Brazilian

Turns Out that Girl in the Justin Bieber Video Is a Prostitute, Has Lots of Naked Pics on the ‘Net

And here you thought it was just an video of innocent swaggy Bro Justin Bieber sleeping... There's been a lot of Internet speculation over

An Alleged Brazilian Prostitute Took a Video of Justin Bieber (Maybe?) Sleeping

Swaggy bro Justin Bieber seems to be enjoying his time in South America. Here's a video that just hit the Internet of Justin Bieber sleeping,

14-Year-Old Bro Hires Hooker, She Pepper-Sprays Him and Steals His Piggy Bank

Ah, this poor dude. All he wanted to do was get his rocks off with a possibly clean hooker and all he got was heartache

Important! Brazilian Hookers Are Learning English Before the 2014 World Cup

You have to show some respect to the Rio streetwalkers—they're working hard for their money. I'm not sure we would expect America's women of the

Five DeMatha Football Players Hired Prostitutes at Their Team’s Hotel

DeMatha Catholic High School, located in one of those DC fringe suburbs known for crabcakes, football, and the occasional joust (the official state sport of

‘Lucky’ Homeless Hit Jackpot When Brothel Opens Doors

Maybe the whole homeless thing isn’t so bad after all; at least not for a few lucky hobos in Austria. After all of the city’s

74-Year-Old Man Chokes on Dentures During Sex With Prostitute, Dies

A 74-year-old Taiwanese man died after swallowing his dentures while having sex with his 62-year-old prostitute. This is how I want to go

Nothing to See Here But a Bunch of San Francisco Prostitutes Fighting

Did you say "hooker fight?" Hot dayummm, today just got a whole lot more awesome. There's fists, wig grabbing, and lots and lots

19-Year-Old Missouri Man Goes to Police to Seek Refund from Hookers

Ryan McNames Prostitute

Cue the "I remember my first hooker" insults. Or the "this kid is a p*ssy and