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Nebraska’s Mike Peltz Proposes to Girlfriend During Senior Night Festivities

Good call?

Babe and Bro Pull Off Fake Marriage Proposal Prank All Over New York City

A guy and a girl decided to fake propose all over New York City. 

Girlfriend Finds Out Her Man Going To Propose, Bro Pranks the Sh*t Out Of Her

Ready for some feels? This is actually a surprisingly tender video... Take note, romeos of the world. 

Proposal At Minor League Baseball Game Goes Horribly Wrong

There’s a disagreement online over the nature of this proposal gone bad. You can find me firmly in the “fake as hell” camp.

Mike Francesca Hangs Up on Sappy Caller About to Propose to Girlfriend

WFAN legend Mike Francesca is a no-nonsense type of guy. He’s going to give it to his listeners straight, with no chaser. You DO NOT

Boring Marriage Proposal Averted When Couple Turns it Into ‘Thrift Shop’ Parody

Well, this is certainly something that happened.

Watch This Guy Get Completely Rejected When Proposing On a JumboTron at a UCLA Game

Soooo.... This is akward. Ouch. Love hurts, dude. Someone buy this man a beer.

Watch a Man Jump Off a Building to Propose to His Girlfriend

Jimmy over at Hot Clicks tweeted that this is the "greatest marriage proposal ever." I don't know about all that sh*t. The chick didn't