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Angelina Jolie’s Prom Photo Is _______?

She aged like fine wine...

Pennsylvania Teenager Asks Miss America to Prom, Gets Promptly Suspended

Teenagers are just the worst, aren't they?

If You’re a High Schooler Not Giving Your Prom Date a KFC Chicken Corsage, Why Are You Going to Prom?

This prom season, KFC debuted the pinnacle of its menu items: the chicken drumstick corsage.

High School Legend Writes Fake College Rejection Letter to Ask Girlfriend to Prom

A Pennsylvania high school girl, Caitlyn, recently received in the mail a letter from the University of South Carolina.

Rich, Creepy High School Bro Asks Emily Ratajkowski to Prom Via YouTube

Dear High School Bros: Stop asking hot supermodels out to prom via campy YouTube videos.

Enterprising Teen Sold Pot Brownies to Pay For Prom Dress

What's a poor high school kid to do?

California Bro King Stud Invites Gracie Gold to Prom With Bro-tastic Video

  Bros! YouTube-invite prom season is upon us. First up, this Bro-tastic Malibu Bro who wants to Team USA’s Gracie […]

High School Senior Denied Entry to Prom Because Her Breasts Are Too Big

According to the report, "she wasn't allowed into the dance until she covered her cleavage with a shawl. She only stayed about an hour and

Kate Upton DENIES Bro’s High School Prom Invite; Dude Is Now Going with Nina Agdal Instead

BREAKING K.U.N.N. UPDATE: Remember 17-year-old Jake Davidson’s incredible attempt at asking Kate Upton his high school prom? Turns out she was all like, "NAH," and

Now THIS Is How You Ask a Girl to Prom…

What a ridiculous way to ask someone out to prom. 

Looks Like Kate Upton Might Be Too Busy to Go to Jake Davidson’s Prom

Super important K.U.N.N. update. Bad news for last week's Bro of the Week, Los Angeles high school senior Jake Davidson. After Tweeting that she'd "love to go" and

Kate Upton Sorta Says ‘Yes’ To Prom Invite on ‘Today Show,’ Making Him Biggest Bro of the Day

Super important KUNN (Kate Upton News Network) update folllowing last night's Twitter "maybe" hysteria.This morning "The Today Show" did a segment with Jake Davidson, discussing

High Schooler Asks Kate Upton to Prom—How’d He Do?

I'm going to refrain from judgement here because, A.) It takes balls to film a Kate Upton proposal and release it for literally anyone in

A Girl Wants to Give Her Boyfriend the Threesome He Craves, Plus Other Sage Advice

Submit your Ask a Babe questions here. And away we go!  

Prom Hosted Next to the Adult Film Industry’s Exxoticca Expo, Hilarity Ensues

Whoops. One lucky high schools prom committee did some research before booking a venue in Miami. On Saturday night Miami Beach High School students attended

Dom Mazzetti vs. Prom Weekend

Dom Mazzetti celebrates one last Prom Weekend in Seaside.

Trent Richardson Took a Cancer Survivor to Her Prom

Former Alabama star running back Trent Richardson will be one of the top picks in the upcoming NFL draft. He displayed a unique combination of

Taylor Swift to Take the ‘Real Superman’ to Award Show

Sweet little Taylor Swift has used her angelic voice to ask an 18-year-old New Jersey student currently battling cancer to be her date to the

Straight Talk: Second Grader Gives Epic Prom Advice

When it comes to wrapping it up vs. rawdogging apres prom, the voice of reason probably isn't going to be a second grader. But, adorable