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HBO Sitcom About EDM DJs Said to Be a Mix of ‘Entourage’ and ‘Project X’

Get those rave sticks and glow necklaces ready for lazy Sunday night couch sitting, Bros.

10 Fictional Movie Parties You Wish You Could Throw

We all construct fantasies about our futures based on cinematic experiences at the ripe, world-beating age of 12. I walked out of American Pie –

One Killed at Another ‘Project X’-Inspired Party in Houston

Another day, another copycat Project X party in Houston. Except this one had bubbles and foam and got much, much uglier...

Partying Teenagers Arrested for Wrecking $500,000 Home After Seeing ‘Project X’

What you're telling me is the movie "Project X" is the sole reason why a group of teenagers drank underage and destroyed a $500,000 house?

Apparently the Nerdy Friend in ‘Project X’ Once Had a Role in a Bang Bus Movie

Did you see Project X this weekend? What'd you think? Greatest party movie of the decade or what? Here's a little tidbit for you, courtesy

The 8 Craziest High School Parties in Movie History

“Project X,” which opens at midnight tonight in theaters across the country, promises to be a rollicking good time. After all, things always end

Watch the Red Band Trailer for ‘Project X’ and Adam Sandler’s ‘That’s My Boy’, Staring Rex Ryan

Today we came across two epic movie trailers that we think will be up everyone's alley. The first is the red band trailer for this

Kreayshawn’s Craziest Party Story Ever Involves Smoking 100 Blunts at a Frat House… Or Something

Like all kick-a*s parties, the Party Legends series has come to an end. As a last she-bang, the folks at VICE dropped this

Big Sean Tells His Craziest Party Story Ever

Big Sean throws his hat in the ring for Party Legends, telling the story of a basement party where he had to search

Nas Tells His Craziest Party Story Ever

Another excellent Party Legends story, this time from Nas' pre-rap star days in the Queensbridge Projects.

Ken Jeong Tells His Craziest Party Story Ever

I can't preach enough how much I love VICE's animation party story series. Next up, Community's Ken Jeong tells a story about his

Tyler the Creator’s Craziest Party Story Ever

In anticipation of "Project X," VICE magazine recruited Tyler, the Creator to tell his craziest party story ever. As long as it doesn't

Watch the New ‘Project X’ Trailer, the Todd Phillips-Produced Party Movie That Looks EPIC

Back in early November we showed you the trailer for the Todd Phillips-produced party flick, "Project X." A full-length catheterize trailer for the