Texas A&M

Boss Professor At Texas A&M Fails Entire Class For Being ‘A Disgrace To The University’

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A professor at Texas A&M said enough was enough and failed his whole damn class.

indiana jones

Smartass College Student Blasts ‘Indiana Jones’ Theme As Indiana Jones-Looking Professor Enters Classroom


A clever -- and brave -- Kent State University student spiced up his music appreciation class by playing the iconic Indiana Jones theme as his hat-wearing professor ambled to the front of the classroom.


Never Do These 5 Things If You Run Into A Professor When You’re Both Out Drinking


Students forget that teachers are actual people outside of the classroom.

college life

No One Is Ever Going To Be Late To This College Class Again


Professor King was having a little trouble with students always being tardy to his 7 AM class so he (or she) came up with a solution that I am betting had a rather big effect on his (or her) students' ability to wake up on time.

rate my professors

Watching Professors Read ‘Rate My Professors’ Reviews Shows How Little They Care About Your Opinion


You would think that when professors go onto Rate My Professors and read all the shitty reviews they have that it’d at least be a little demoralizing…but that clearly isn’t the case.


This Idaho State University Professor Literally Shot Himself In The Foot During Class


The most exciting thing that ever happened to me during a college class was the time some poor girl tripped on the stairs leading to the front of the room and did a sort of somersault-tumble-thing for a few feet before hitting a desk.


7 Ways College Professors Piss Me Off


We all have that one professor that once the semester starts, we wish we dropped the course.

University of Florida

University of Florida Produces Creepiest Professor of New School Year


Any time a story like this shoots around the Internet—which is, unfortunately, often—you're never really surprised by the mugshot.


The 5 Professors You’ll Have in College


Feel free to call me a lame-o ala Rocket Power, but I actually go to most of my classes during the week.


Former Penn State Professor Drops Pants, Wipes Butt In Public at Panera Bread


Interesting report from Penn State's Panera Bread on Allen Street, Tweeted to us by a reader.


msnNOW.com: 18 clues that your professor is cooler than you


There comes a time in college when you realize that your professors are way cooler than you will ever be.

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