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College Student Emails Professor Asking for Better Grade, Professor Knocks Him Down a Few Pegs

All this Redditor/college student wanted was a 0.78 bump in his grade so he could get an A in his chemistry class instead

7 Ways College Professors Piss Me Off

We all have that one professor that once the semester starts, we wish we dropped the course. That one professor who is so damn hard

Whatever You Do, Do NOT Talk About the ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale to This Chemistry Professor

This poor, poor chemistry professor. All he wants to do is teach some chemistry a la pre-evil Mr. White and he's like, "YO KIDS, SAVE YOUR

University of Florida Produces Creepiest Professor of New School Year

Any time a story like this shoots around the Internet—which is, unfortunately, often—you're never really surprised by the mugshot. There's the mustache. And the glasses. And the general "Oh, yeah,

The 5 Professors You’ll Have in College

Feel free to call me a lame-o ala Rocket Power, but I actually go to most of my classes during the week. I get decent-ish

Former Penn State Professor Drops Pants, Wipes Butt In Public at Panera Bread

Interesting report from Penn State's Panera Bread on Allen Street, Tweeted to us by a reader. A former Penn State professor allegedly dropped his pants

The 25 Colleges with the Worst Professors

College listicle bonerjamz time! 

MSU Professor Can’t Remember His Epic Naked Rant, But is Sorry Anyway

Remember last week when a Michigan State math professor had a complete meltdown mid-class that ended in him stripping naked and being arrested?

Michigan State Math Professor Has a Naked Meltdown in Class

Rough day, Bro. Here's everything you need to know about the craziest thing to take place on a college campus today:

James Franco Is Being Sued by NYU Professor for Skipping Class

Maybe it's because I was all like f*ck going to law school, but I've read this over about fifteen times, and still don't really grasp