Dad Gets Got In Prank Video Involving Water, Reacts Like A Drunken Aussie Pirate Who Just Lost His Wooden Leg


This whole 'I can make the quarter underneath the water bottle disappear' prank has taken off on YouTube like wild fire.


This Wild Bird Is My New Spirit Animal, Is Only Capable Of Pecking Out Eyes And Saying ‘Fuck You’


This wild crow appears none to pleased by the lil kick that dude gave him at the beginning of the video, and at :33 attempts to express his displeasure.

using the c word

Aussie cleverly teaches his pet goat not to use the ‘c-word’


Gary the Goat is a bit of an Internet celebrity, and in this video we see him learning to not use the c-word, because apparently some people find it offensive.

swearing around the world

How to curse in 11 popular languages around the world


If you're a traveler then #1 at the top of your list before spreading your wings should be 'how to properly say 'sh*t' and 'f*ck' in the native language.


I can’t stop laughing at these Japanese people learning the word f*ck


One of the trickiest parts in learning a new language is hammering down the nuances of a native speaker, such as profanity or idiomatic expressions.


14 effing facts about the word f**k


Bro, do you even drop f-bombs.


7 mutha f*@#ing reasons you should be using more profanity


There's a thousand and one reasons to use profanity (anger, surprise, boredom), but did you know there's possible health benefits as well.

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