using the c word

Aussie cleverly teaches his pet goat not to use the ‘c-word’


Gary the Goat is a bit of an Internet celebrity, and in this video we see him learning to not use the c-word, because apparently some people find it offensive.

swearing around the world

How to curse in 11 popular languages around the world


If you're a traveler then #1 at the top of your list before spreading your wings should be 'how to properly say 'sh*t' and 'f*ck' in the native language.


I can’t stop laughing at these Japanese people learning the word f*ck


One of the trickiest parts in learning a new language is hammering down the nuances of a native speaker, such as profanity or idiomatic expressions.


14 effing facts about the word f**k


Bro, do you even drop f-bombs.


7 mutha f*@#ing reasons you should be using more profanity


There's a thousand and one reasons to use profanity (anger, surprise, boredom), but did you know there's possible health benefits as well.

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