The Library

How to stop procrastinating using five simple tips


As a procrastinator your brain adapts to, and then perpetuates, the habits to which it is constantly exposed.


Problems Only Procrastinators Understand


"Today is the day I get that thing done" -- No you won't.

self satisfaction

5 ways to feel accomplished without doing anything


Accomplishing things would seem to have its benefits, but is a little self-satisfaction really worth all the painful work that comes with it.

the 9th semester

8 Things to Do During Finals Week That Are Much Better Than Studying


If you're truly a beacon of productivity, you'll spend this time focusing on real accomplishments.

The Internet

‘Full Screen Mario’ is Your Productivity Killer Today


Were you planning on doing any work the rest of today.

winter goals

10 things you were going to do this winter, but probably didn’t


What you said in December and then what you said in February, are somehow different from what you're saying now when it comes to the things you said you were going to do this winter.

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