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Student Who Hacked University Computers To Change His Bad Grades Sentenced To Prison For Four Months


A 25-year-old student was recently sentenced to four months of time in an English jail after it was discovered he had hacked into campus computers at the University of Birmingham to alter his grades.


This Drug Dealer’s Jail Cell Is So Swanky I Might Just Have To Get Myself Arrested Sometime Soon


Jason Crocker is a 36-year-old incarcerated heroin dealer whose jail cell is nicer than the apartment I pay $1,000 a month for on the overrated island of Manhattan.


Inmate Named ‘Bulldog’ Rawdogs Four Prison Guards, Impregnates Them All


An inmate in the Baltimore City Detention Center by the name of Tavon 'Bulldog' White has been sentenced to 12 years in prison after being found to have impregnated four female guards, as well as overseeing a contraband and drug smuggling gang operation within the jail walls.


This Prisoner’s So Skinny He Can Squeeze Through The Cell Bars—Should Star In Ocean’s 15

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This man could be a Hollywood super star if he wasn't in jail, his talents would do gangbusters if an 'Ocean's 15' was ever made.


16 Prison Slang Terms You Should Definitely Use At College


You speak a completely different language at school than you do at home.


Read the Heartfelt Letter Tupac Sent to Public Enemy’s Chuck D From Prison in 1995


Yesterday, Public Enemy's Chuck D shared a letter on his Twitter account from 1995 that Tupac Shakur wrote him from prison.


Mike Tyson Hilariously Explains How To Have Sex In Prison


Iron Mike, shifting wombs even when he was behind bars.

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