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John Oliver Did 17 Minutes on America’s Prison System Last Night, Illuminated Some Startling Facts

Kind of tough to watch.

Read the Heartfelt Letter Tupac Sent to Public Enemy’s Chuck D From Prison in 1995

Yesterday, Public Enemy’s Chuck D shared a letter on his Twitter account from 1995 that Tupac Shakur wrote him from […]

Mike Tyson Hilariously Explains How To Have Sex In Prison

Iron Mike, shifting wombs even when he was behind bars.

Aaron Hernandez Likes to Pass the Time in Prison by Doodling Naked Women

One of the worst things I imagine about prison is the boredom. 

Japanese Prison Debuts New Mascot for Inmates to Murder

This is something that’s happening in the real world and not in the mind of a Saturday Night Live sketch writer.

Aaron Hernandez Wrote ANOTHER Letter From Jail…

"Thanks for the site and sry [sic] I can't check site [sic] there is no internet in jail lol."

‘Lockup’ Prisoner Drops the Most Jaw-Dropping Claim in Show’s History

This Lockup clip aired three years ago, but it's got viral written all over it today. 

Teen Asks to Be Sent to Prison, Says He’s Tired of Playing Xbox Over House Arrest

This story doesn't really add up.

I Can’t Stop Reading These Yelp Prison Reviews

Last night I caught Stephen Colbert's segment on the burgeoning phenomenon of Yelp prison reviews. Yes, Yelp prison reviews. According to a trend piece in

Man Gets Dumped, Poses as Ex-Girlfriend to Horny Prison Inmates

They say the best revenge is living well. Carl Wayne McGraw does not subscribe to this maxim.

This is Not What You Want an X-Ray of Your Neck to Look Like

If you’re a prison guard, then we salute you. If you’re thinking of becoming a prison guard, here’s a reason to reconsider. Nate Beauvais, who mans