This Prisoner’s So Skinny He Can Squeeze Through The Cell Bars—Should Star In Ocean’s 15

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This man could be a Hollywood super star if he wasn't in jail, his talents would do gangbusters if an 'Ocean's 15' was ever made.


Inmate Escapes From Swedish Prison, Goes To Dentist, Turns Self Back In


I mean, I assumed that medical care in prison was bad, but I never imagined it to be this substandard.

Vinnie Jones

Sly and Arnold team up in ‘Escape Plan’ trailer


Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger team up to break out of super-jail in Escape Plan.

Video games

That guy from ‘Prison Break’ promotes ‘COD: Black Ops 2 Revolution’


AKA Peter Stormare, who is the latest pitchman for Black Ops 2 and it's forthcoming Revolution DLC map pack.

Prison Break

‘Epic Prison Break Prank’ Causes Many a Pedestrian to Lose Their Sh*t


It appears that the cleverness bar has been raised yet again.

TV mini series list

7 of the best TV mini-series of all time


Whether they're too short to be television series or too long to be feature-length films, some stories still need to be told.

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