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Prince Harry Is a Killer

Ginger power.

Prince Harry Partying Naked in Vegas, Now With Photographic Proof

They can make Prince Harry shower every day and put him in the fanciest clothes in England, but deep down, Bro is still going to

10 Photos Of Prince Harry’s New Girlfriend, Model Florence Brudenell-Bruce

You had to know Prince Harry wasn't about to play second fiddle to his big Bro, Will. While Will's all tied down and sh*t, Harry

Here’s a Picture of Prince Harry Making Out with Some Broad After ‘The Royal Wedding’

Yes, we're burnt out and hungover on anything remotely related to the Royal Wedding. However, this morning our friends at The Chive published a little

Only One of Our Bros of the Week Cared About the Royal Wedding

If Loverboy got one thing right, it was their 1986 hit tune "Working for the Weekend." Goddammit is that mantra ever true right now. I