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Woman Is So Excited to Get on ‘Price Is Right’ She Rips Off Her Own Wig

"This ain't my hair. This ain't my hair!" is what I imagine could be the only thing going through her excited brain at the time

This Bro’s Reaction on ‘The Price Is Right’ Is Amazing

Bros everywhere, take note. This is how you crush it when you make it on The Price Is Right. When […]

This ‘Price is Right’ Contestant’s Ankle is Permanently Wrong After Wheel-Spinning Accident

Boy, not entirely sure how to even begin disseminating this information, so let's dive right in. 

‘Price Is Right’ Contestant Headbutts Announcer in the Nuts, Almost Destroys Own Prize

As a kid, Price is Right was a daily watch. My grandfather viewed religiously for the entire sixty minutes as if failure to watch would

Indecisive Woman is Probably Worst Contestant in ‘Price Is Right’ History

Oh, Mary. Mary, Mary, Mary. It’s only an hour-long show. We don’t have all day. Spit out a bid, you crazy old coot.

Before He Was Jesse Pinkman, Aaron Paul Was A Crazy Contestant on ‘The Price is Right’

Not to show-up Happy Gilmore, but it appears as if the Price is Right. BITCH. 

Overly Excited Old Guy on ‘Price Is Right’ Trips, Knocks Out a Tooth

We humbly submit to you, the reader, this video of an 85-year-old man winning a “Price is Right” guessing game, careening on-stage, tripping, falling, and

Snoop Dogg on ‘The Price Is Right’ Is a Pothead’s Wet Dream

In my humble opinion, "Price Is Right" has completely sucked since Bob Barker hung up his cleats. Here's why: The only people who

Classic Video: Man Bids 420 On ‘Price is Right’

If you're a weed smoker and/or went to college, there's a pretty good chance you've toked down a blunt, bong, or bowl while giggling to