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Why It Sucks to Be a College Student During An Election (By a College Student Enduring An Election)

Even if you have been living under a rock, you know there is a presidential election coming up. A turd sandwich versus a giant douche

Will ‘Mitt Romney Rap’ Change Anyone’s Minds on Election Day?

Not going to say a lot here, you can formulate your own opinions. This probably isn't going to sway anyone's voting choice on election day,

This Pic and This Pic Alone Explains Why Mitt Romney Kicked Obama’s Ass In the Debate Last Night

Powerful image here. The greatest "Friday Night Lights" reference of all time seems to explain why Romney dominated President Obama in the debates on Wednesday

50 Seconds of Mitt Romney Steamrolling Over Debate Moderator Jim Lehrer

Jim Lehrer got a lot of crap for his job moderating the debate last night (the peanut gallery of Twitter was particuarly rough), but we

Watch Chris Matthews Rip Obama a New One For His Awful Performance During the Presidential Debate

Did you watch the first Presidential debate this evening? Let's get this out of the way first: Boy, Obama sucked! Are you throughly drunk and exhausted

Here’s Our Official Presidential Debate Drinking Game

Did you look at your calendar lately? It's October. That means the 2012 Presidential election is just a short five weeks away. Tonight kicks off

Mitt Romney’s High School Report Card Is NOT Impressive

Believe it or not, Mitt Romney is a real boy; he's made of real human parts, real human skin, and real human emotions. O.K., maybe