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This Guy’s Wife Didn’t Want To Take Maternity Photos, So He Took Creepy ‘Maternity’ Photos Of Himself Instead

Reddit user DruishPrincess69¬†either has the best sense of humor I’ve encountered, or is one of the creepiest individuals I’ve ever […]

Mila Kunis Has a Really Uncomfortable Way to Describe Her Post-Baby Vajayjay


Awesome Bro Pranks His Father, Says He Knocked Up 14-Year-Old Girl

I mean, if you are gonna prank someone, might as well go big. And his dad reacts even better than […]

Girl Pranks College Bros By Going Up to Them and Saying She’s Pregnant

There are pranks and then there are Pranks, with a capital "P." This one falls into the latter category. A girl threw a basketball under