drug tests

This Guy Found Out His Wife Was Pregnant After Using Her Urine To Cheat A Drug Test


The “Unluckiest Man of the Day” award goes to this poor Egyptian bus driver who not only failed his drug test, but also found out that his wife is pregnant at the same time.


‘Jersey Shore’ Creatures Continue to Spawn, JWoww Now Pregnant


We are now one step closer to Jersey Shore 2035, where the children of the original cast members of Jersey Shore get together for a drunken, incestual fuckfest in Seaside Heights that we, 40 and 50 years old, will no doubt watch.

Sex tapes

People Are Celebrating Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy By Watching Her Sex Tape in Record Numbers


For some reason, finding out Kim Kardashian is with child has caused millions of people to watch her banging Ray-J, like, a million years ago.

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