9 Great Movies To Watch While You Pregame, Because Sometimes You Just Don’t Feel Like Playing Beer Pong


Much like selecting pizza toppings, voting for a class president, or picking a TrapperKeeper, this decision lacks magnitude yet still carries the burden of you potentially being silently and forever judged for a wrong choice.


The Pregame: How to Get Blackout in Peace


The following is an excerpt from "Nice Is Just a Place in France: How to Win at Basically Everything," a new book by our favorite site for chicks, Betches Love This.

University of Michigan

Pre-Gaming with Pat: Michigan vs. Ohio State Edition


Just as we expected, "Pre-Gaming with Pat" brought its A-game before the 108th meeting of Ohio State andMichigan.


Michigan Students Answer Perplexing Questions About Eastern Michigan University


It's not quite as sexy as, say, two grandmas shotgunning a beer at a University of Michigan tailgate, but here's U of M's pre-gaming personality Pat Stansik asking his fellow Wolverines about Eastern Michigan University.

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