Watch The Philadelphia Flyers Get Pranked By A Snake In A Cooler


Back in the day, my little brother had this rubber snake that he bought at one of those toy stores you stroll into on family vacation in Rehoboth Beach.

video games

Guy Becomes A Serial Killer In ‘Grand Theft Auto V’


This prank in Grand Theft Auto V's multiplayer is freaking fantastic.


This Is What Happens When Killer Clown Pranksters Try To Scare Some Dude Who’s Carrying A Gun, Hint: BOOM, Headshot


You never know what someone’s got hiding in a jacket pocket or even a purse, so it’s no surprise that when this “killer” clown comes rushing at a guy who just happens to be carrying a concealed weapon he gets his head blown off.

prank calls

How To Get Revenge For All The Horrible Customer Service Calls You’ve Ever Endured


We've all had to deal with mind-numbing customer service calls where we wanted to throw our phones against the wall.

elevator pranks

This Elevator Scare Prank Almost Killed A Pregnant Woman


Two step process on how to know if you should stop doing pranks: 1.


This Friday The 13th Prank Is An Excellent Way To Give A Fisherman A Heart Attack


Halloween's just around the corner and the prank videos are flowing like the salmon of Capistrano.


Does Murdering People With A Chainsaw And Scaring Bystanders Sound Like Fun? Then This Prank Video Is For You


Just in time to get you in the spirit of Halloween is this prank video where some dude runs around with a bloody chainsaw chasing this other guy who has his intestines trailing out behind him.

halloween pranks

Tell Me This Zombie Scarecrow Prank Wouldn’t Make You Crap Your Pants


This zombie scarecrow prank proves that the only thing that's even close to as scary as a psycho clown is a an evil scarecrow.

eating peoples food prank

This Eating Other People’s Food Prank Seems Like A Great Way To Get Murdered


I follow three "No-No" rules about eating: I Don't Eat Brussels Sprouts I Don't Eat The Pussy Of A Friend's Girlfriend I Don't Eat Other People's Food The first rule is super easy to abide by since Brussels Sprouts taste like the grass stuck in Calvin Johnson's football cleats from playing on a muddy field that have been blended together with his sweaty socks after a tightly contested game that went into overtime.

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