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There’s No Way This Prank This Husband Pulled On His Wife Ended Well

Some things you just don't mess with. A woman's tampon is one of them. Divorce coming in 5... 4... 3...

Watch a Preview for Nathan Fielder’s Epic ‘Dumb Starbucks’ Prank

Back in February, Nathan Fielder made the residents of Los Angeles look pretty stupid by opening a store called "Dumb Starbucks."

You’ll Never Guess The Stupid Stuff This Prankster Gets People To Do By Telling Them He’s A ‘Magician’

Spoiler: he's not actually a magician.

AFL’s Orlando Predators’ Website Redirects To A Website of Sexual Predators

The starting lineup looks like a big group of pedophiles.

Bro of the Year Pranks Cop Who Arrested Him While Still in Holding Cell

This took courage. Or stupidity.

5 Funny Android Pranks You Can Pull on Your Friends

A few weeks ago we showed you a video breaking down iPhone pranks you can pull on your friends.

Guy Pulls ‘Peeking Over Bathroom Stall’ Prank On Dudes Taking a Shit, One Pulls a Gun on Him

It's going to take murder, literal murder, for people to stop trying these stupid ass pranks.

This Guy Recorded Himself Walking Around San Francisco Smoking Crack In Public…And 0 Fucks Were Given

Even the bike cops couldn't care less.

Let’s Talk About These ‘Hood Pranks’ Going Around the Internet

They're kinda offensive.

Watch This Guy Prank People In The Ghetto By Calling Them ‘Neighbors’…Except They Hear A Different N-Word

Clearly no one in this area cleans their ears regularly.

Florida Has Now Joined the ‘Fuck Her Right in the Pussy’ Prank Craze

Florida bein' Florida.

‘The Dominos Pizza Prank’ Is Absolutely Fantastic

This prank is so easy and so genius, you'll be pissed at yourself for not thinking of it.

5 Funny iPhone Pranks You Can Pull on Your Friends

Big fan of the old "send a GIF of three dots" prank, which is an endlessly amusing way of pissing your friends off with faux-suspense.

The World Cup Finally Gets the Nicolas Cage Prank It Deserves

It's been lacking so far.

This Friday The 13th Prank Is The Most Horrifying Thing You’ll See All Day

Jason + dimly lit streets = soiled pants everywhere.

Girl Scalds Brother When She Throws Boiling Hot Water On Him As Part of an ‘Internet Challenge’

Keep an eye out for the soon-to-be-viral Cold-Blooded Murder Prank!

Take a Wild Guess Where the URL Cocksuckers.org Takes You (SFW)

Cocksuckers.org, redirecting you to the NSA website since...hopefully forever.

This ‘Killer Clown Scare Prank’ Is Maybe the Most Messed Up Prank Ever

A clown, a dead body, a nearly-empty parking garage:

Man Scares the Crap Out of His Brother With Epic Ghost Prank

I love everything about this.

Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann Drew on Kate Upton’s Face While She Was Passed Out

These two are not to be trusted.

Russian Guy Freaks Out When Friends Prank Him While He’s Using Oculus Rift

If you believed the headline, you'd conclude that I posted this video because a man was pranked while using an Oculus Rift.

Bro Hilariously Reads Poem That Is Quite Literally a Countdown to a Million

How long would you just sit there while a guy numbered to a million?

Someone Painted a Clemson Tiger Paw on South Carolina’s Football Field


A Guide to Pulling Off the Perfect Vine or Instagram Prank

Everything you've ever wanted to know about making a prank video that's so good, we might actually post about it here on BroBible.

In Epic Prank, Jeff Francoeur’s Teammates Spent a Month Convincing Him a Teammate Was Deaf

This is a whole new level of pranking.

I Spent Last Year Making Vine Videos of Me Scaring the Shit Out of My Girlfriend, Here is the Compilation

Ever since the beginning of our relationship I noticed that my girlfriend comedian Adrienne Airhart was EXTREMELY skittish.

Bro Gets Blackout Drunk On His Birthday, Wakes Up Skydiving In Most Insane Prank Video Of All Time

This prank has to be fake, right? No professional skydiver in his right mind would strap a blackout drunk guy to his chest and jump

This Student’s April Fools’ Prank on Her Professor Is Exactly How You Prank Someone

This is how you use someone's rules to your advantage.

Bro Gets Pranked Into Thinking He’s Going to Bang Two Girls on the Bang Bus

Prank videos are getting pretty lame, but props to Real Life Trolling coming up with a somewhat original concept.

New Washington Coach Chris Petersen Pranked His Players Yesterday With Ugly New Uniforms

Chris Petersen seems to be having a lot of fun at Washington.

Pizza Stone-Wielding Man ‘Delivers’ Devastating Blow to Friend’s Face, Yells ‘DiGorno Bitch’

It's not delivery, it's a delivery of pain.

YouTube Prankster Gets Knocked the Hell OUT After Asking Guys to Kiss His Ass

This is what happens when 85% of all the people walking around Huntington Beach are YouTube pranksters.

Bro Once Again Plays Ridiculously Cruel Yoga Pants Prank on Other Guys

Awkwardness abounds.

The ‘Spray Painting Cars Prank’ Is Perfect Revenge for Assholes Who Double Park

Vandalism isn’t cool, but admit it — you’ve almost been driven to the brink of doing something like this when […]

College Bros Leave HUGE Paper Mache Penis For Their Roommate On Spring Break

What a bunch of glorious dicks, literally. Spring is upon us, which means it's time for all those snow penises to melt until next year.

Hanley Ramirez Hid in Juan Uribe’s Locker, Tried to Give Him a Heart Attack

Wait for it ...

Horrible Prank Video Ever Features an Idiot Robbing People at an ATM… Until Justice Is Served

Whelp... Prank videos have officially gone too far. It's beyond time this awful YouTube trend stops.

Troll Prank Calls C-Span to Wonder Why His Kid Didn’t Get Into Harvard With a Perfect ‘STD’ Score

Glorious troll work here from College Humor's notorious prankster, Ken M. D

UNC Bro Stood Up In His Bio Class and Proceeded to Take Off All His Clothes (w/Video)


Bro Plays Cruelest Yoga Pants Prank On Other Guys

This is a funny joke, but I think the real joke is on him for having such feminine legs.