Watch A Bunch Of Models Get Pranked Into Spraying ‘Liquid Ass’ Perfume Into Their Faces


There’s nothing quite like seeing a bunch of hot girls spray “liquid ass” perfume into their faces and then do their best to keep a straight face.

relationship pranks

Guy Texts Girlfriend As Another Girl And Then She ABSOLUTELY Loses Her Shit


I read somewhere that the key to a successful relationship is being able to forgive your partner and having a sense of humor.

apple store prank

PRANKS: Guys Pretend To Work At Apple Store And Tell Customers To Buy Microsoft


When it comes to brand loyalty, people are probably the most outspoken about their allegiance to personal electronics such as phones and laptops than any other product.


Girl Got Revenge On Her Cheating Boyfriend In What COULD’VE Been The Most Disgusting Act Ever, But She Pussed Out

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Either go 100 or don’t go at all is how I look at life, so when I saw that Li Tan, 23, plastered her boyfriend’s car with feminine hygiene products (period pads, in other words), I got excited.


A Hilarious Reminder That When You Fall Asleep In The Military Pranks Will Happen


And you thought that time you passed out at a party wearing your shoes was bad.


This Guy Pranked A Bookstore With A Bunch Of Fake Self-Help Books That Are So Ridiculous I Wish They Were Real


To be fair, I know a lot of young adults who are borderline incapable of doing everyday tasks as simple as brushing their teeth, so seeing a book called Learn to Dress Yourself: Part of the ‘You are an Adult’ Series sitting on a bookshelf stand somewhere wouldn’t surprise me even in the slightest.

ransom prank

PRANKS: Russian Hitman Is Back And He’s Using Strangers’ Phones To Call In Crazy Ransom Demands


YouTube prankster Vitalyzd has returned with his signature character Dimitry, the Russian Hitman.

funny text messages

Man Texts Wrong Number About Picking Up His Coffee Maker, Then Things Get Ridiculous

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Facebook user Ted Craig recently uploaded a pretty solid wrong number prank.

old people

Watch This Guy Prank A Company That Scams The Elderly Online By Pretending To Be An Old Couple


While I do understand that elderly people don’t quite have a firm grasp on how computers/the Internet works, I still find it hard to believe in this day and age that people fall for scams like these.

stupid people

Two Idiot Employees Destroyed Their Own Convenience Store Because Of A Prank Caller


Two employees of a Circle K convenience store in Globe, Arizona decimated their own store after being fooled by a prank caller.

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