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Bro Awkwardly Pranks Random Girls By Breaking Up with Them After He Meets Them

Picking up girls is too easy. Plus, it's some other YouTube channel's schtick. So this Bro decided he'd just waltz right up to a bunch

Nathan Fielder’s Latest Twitter Prank: Text ‘I Haven’t Been Fully Honest with You’ Then Wait an Hour

This prank is going to GET UGLY, possibly even ruin some relationships.  It began via Nathan Fielder, the guy behind the epic drug deal text prank

Bro Hides In a Vending Machine, Scares Random Bystanders Because Prank Videos

Prank videos have become the Applebees of BroBible--not gonna blow you away anymore, but you know what you're getting everytime. Evidently, that comfort and consistency

Two Guys Scare the Living Crap Out of People with Voodoo Doll Prank

With the Saturday festivities, it's easy to forget that today is Halloween, and the ultimate goal of the holiday is to actually scare people. These

Watch This Random Bro Pretend to be a Celebrity and Hilariously Prank Times Square

If you needed further proof that you should avoid Times Square at all costs, this ought to do it. 

Taco Bell Comes Up Huge for Tiny Alaskan Town

While the nation's sewers continue their prolonged bowel movements, Doritos Locos Tacos continue to be all the rage. 

Kid Learns Valuable Lesson About Sleeping at Amusement Parks

I have very little information about this clip, but it’s hilarious. This kid seems way too old to be in a stroller, and

Joey Thinks He Just Struck Lotto Gold, Soon Discovers It’s All a Prank

Meet Joey. He thinks he just won $10,000 on a lotto ticket. Pants-sh*tting excitement consumes him. He's going to get himself a new

Woman Dials a Man’s House Thinking It Was Papa John’s, Man Messes With Her For 6 Minutes

Evidently this guy's phone number is 1-digit away from the local Papa John's and he is tired of people calling his house by mistake. Rather