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Girl Goes Up to European Guys and Asks Them If They Want to Have Sex

uess how many times she gets denied by these European dudes? SERIOUSLY.... Guess!

5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Watching ‘In the Hood’ Prank Videos

YouTube is a big opportunity for the enterprising youngster with an idea and the free time to execute it.

‘How To Get a Girl To Show You Boobs Prank’ Is the Creepiest Thing Ever

This video by a YouTube comedy duo called "The Viral Brothers" will probably get hundreds of thousands -- if not millions -- of views.

Watch a Preview for Nathan Fielder’s Epic ‘Dumb Starbucks’ Prank

Back in February, Nathan Fielder made the residents of Los Angeles look pretty stupid by opening a store called "Dumb Starbucks."

‘The Dominos Pizza Prank’ Is Absolutely Fantastic

This prank is so easy and so genius, you'll be pissed at yourself for not thinking of it.

5 Funny iPhone Pranks You Can Pull on Your Friends

Big fan of the old "send a GIF of three dots" prank, which is an endlessly amusing way of pissing your friends off with faux-suspense.

Hot Girl Accuses Random Strangers Of Touching Her Butt, Things Get Weird

Ah... The old "spank prank."

Sitting On People’s Laps “Prank” Goes Right When Prankster Gets Rocked in the Face

Let's keep punching these idiots until they go away.

The Drunk Pregnant Girl Prank Brings Out the Best (and Worst) of Vegas

This is what happens when you stuff a basketball under your shirt and walk around a Vegas pool partying slamming beers.

Bros in a Prank War Scared Their Friend So Bad That He Passed Out and Started to Cry

Hard not to chalk this up as a success.

Man Scares the Crap Out of His Brother With Epic Ghost Prank

I love everything about this.

Creeper ‘Pranks’ College Girls By Asking Them to Sign a ‘Sexual Consent Contract’ In Least Funny Prank Video of All Time

Prank videos are so... Ugh these days. The guys at /whatever just upped their creeper game hard by walking around Santa Barbara asking girls to

Amy Poehler Awesomely Pranks People As Pitbull on the Streets of NYC

By far the best Billy on the Street video in Billy on the Street history.

A Guide to Pulling Off the Perfect Vine or Instagram Prank

Everything you've ever wanted to know about making a prank video that's so good, we might actually post about it here on BroBible.

Want to See Emma Stone Freak Out In a Truly Evil Prank?

  Graham Norton played a truly evil prank on Emma Stone, who just might be the #1 fan of the […]

Bro Gets Blackout Drunk On His Birthday, Wakes Up Skydiving In Most Insane Prank Video Of All Time

This prank has to be fake, right? No professional skydiver in his right mind would strap a blackout drunk guy to his chest and jump

Bro Gets Pranked Into Thinking He’s Going to Bang Two Girls on the Bang Bus

Prank videos are getting pretty lame, but props to Real Life Trolling coming up with a somewhat original concept.

Bro Puts Vagina-Scented Perfume On His Fingers And Asks Random Strangers ‘Guess What I Did Last Night?’

If a stranger walked up to me shoving their fingers in my face, I'd be beyond pissed. Who the hell knows where those fingers have

The ‘Spray Painting Cars Prank’ Is Perfect Revenge for Assholes Who Double Park

Vandalism isn’t cool, but admit it — you’ve almost been driven to the brink of doing something like this when […]

Horrible Prank Video Ever Features an Idiot Robbing People at an ATM… Until Justice Is Served

Whelp... Prank videos have officially gone too far. It's beyond time this awful YouTube trend stops.

Bro Pranks a Bunch of Cops By Smoking a Bong In Public

Want a surefire way of getting the cops attention?

Guess What Happens When a White Guy and a Black Guy Try to Break Into a Car?

  Amazing how a police officer just passively watches a white guy try to break into a car. It’s a […]

College Students Scared Straight Prank

What a glorious prank Buzzfeed pulled on a bunch of sucker college students. They rounded up a group of liberal […]

Hot Girls Prank Pizza Delivery Guys By Opening the Door Topless

Yo, yo… I saw this video before, except it was called “Big Sausage Pizza” and ended with a Lisa Ann […]

Comedian Pranks People AGAIN at the Apple Store

Comedian Tyler Fischer had us “omg, literally dying” on Friday with his prank video from the Apple Store. Turns out […]

Man Creates Fake Bulge In His Pants to Catch Women Staring a His Junk

"Excuse me, my eyes are up here..." This guy pulled a prank by stuffing some socks down his crotch to make his junk look bigger. Then

YouTube Star Pranks House of Bros By Pretending He’s the DEA Doing a Major Drug Bust

I can't tell if decide if this is hilarious or extremely fucked up. I'm no lawyer or law enforcement expert, but I'm pretty sure you're not

Bro Pranks Strangers By Asking Them If They Want Some Hash

"It's the good shit... It's like that brown shit." 'Nah, I'm good Bro. Nice prank video, though, Bro... 

This Is What Happens When You Find Out Your Best Friend Is Sleeping with Your Mom

Ah, the old "I've slept with your Mom" joke. Roman Atwood brings this line to life in his latest prank war against Vitaly. After a night

One-Armed Teen Born With No Legs Pretends He’s a Zombie, Pranks the Crap Out of Wal-Mart Shoppers

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. New Jersey 16-year-old Nick Santonastasso was born with Hanhart syndrome, a genetic disorder causing him to be born with one arm and no

‘How To Catch A Predator’ Prank Will Make You Hate People for a While

Well, prank videos are finally "going there." All this video needs is Chris Hansen rushing in with a camera crew, asking these dudes to "have a

Bro Pranks NYPD Cops by Asking Them What He Should Do with a Dime Bag

Bro... That's criminal possesion. Or is it? 

Bro Pulls a Really Cruel Prank on Girls By Pretending to Shave Their Hair, Gets Slapped Silly

Sorry to be a buzzkill, but these prank videos are starting to go too far. Walking up to some girl with an iPhone app that

The ‘Gold Digger’ Prank Is Pure Poetic Justice for Superficial Girls Who Only Want to Date Rich Dude

Oh how sweet justice can be. YouTuber merry prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy wore his best Hawaiian shirt to the beach and tried to pick up ladies. But you

Bro Pranks Fast Food Workers By Driving a Skeleton Through a Drive-Thru

Game-changing fast food prank from Magic of Rahat. The startled reaction are fanastic. "Do you want fries wi- OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG." 

College Girl Dresses Up Like a Frat Bro and Tries to Rush a Fraternity

The ying-to-the-yang of /whatever's opposite gender Greek Life trolling video, this time featuring a girl dressing up like a Bro attempting to rush the school's fraternities.

College Man Dresses Up Like a Girl and Tries to Rush a Sorority

The title of /whatever's most recent upload is "Transgender Sorority Rush (Social Experiment)." While there's a whole lot of jestful trolling of University of California at Santa Barbara's Greek

Community College Student Pranks Class With Semester-Long Mexican Accent

It's almost a year-old, but absolutely brilliant prank here. Jose Barrientos spent an entire semester pranking his public speaking 101 class into thinking he had a Mexican accent. In

Girl Pranks College Bros By Going Up to Them and Saying She’s Pregnant

There are pranks and then there are Pranks, with a capital "P." This one falls into the latter category. A girl threw a basketball under

Perhaps the Funniest Vine Prank You’ll Watch Today

So cruel, yet so perfect. Via Hypervocal on Twitter: