april fools day prank

Math Professor Pulls An INCREDIBLE April Fools Prank On His Class

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As far as April Fools pranks go, this might be the best one of the year.


A Hilarious Reminder That When You Fall Asleep In The Military Pranks Will Happen


And you thought that time you passed out at a party wearing your shoes was bad.


Watch The Philadelphia Flyers Get Pranked By A Snake In A Cooler


Back in the day, my little brother had this rubber snake that he bought at one of those toy stores you stroll into on family vacation in Rehoboth Beach.

prank videos

Bro Pranks People In His College Library By Eating As Loud As Possible


Colorado-based YouTube prankster Justin Stuart came up with one of those "do something obnoxious somewhere on a college campus and see how people react" videos that are so popular with the kids these days.


This Might Be The Funniest (And Simplest) iPhone Prank You’ll Ever See


Watch as that iPhone that people own ends up owning them thanks to the simplest of things: a little thing known as the notification ringtone.

bad drivers

Man In A Jeep Teaches A Corvette Driver Why You Should Never Park Like A Douche


A++ work to this Jersey bro with a muddy Jeep why you should never park like an asshole.

people are terrible

This ‘Drowning Baby’ Prank Proves Pretty Much What We Thought: People Kind Of Suck


How do people react when a baby stroller with a fake baby falls off a pier into the ocean.


This Compilation of Wake-up Pranks Is so Evil, Yet so Entertaining


Very few things are funnier than almost inducing a seizure or heart attack in someone by shocking them awake when they're fast asleep.

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