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If You’re Gonna Prank Your Friend, Make Sure He Doesn’t Own A Gun

All fun and games until one friend shoots the other friend in the face.

Girl Scalds Brother When She Throws Boiling Hot Water On Him As Part of an ‘Internet Challenge’

Keep an eye out for the soon-to-be-viral Cold-Blooded Murder Prank!

Sitting On People’s Laps “Prank” Goes Right When Prankster Gets Rocked in the Face

Let's keep punching these idiots until they go away.

Dude Pranks Girlfriend With World’s Hottest Pepper, Probably Isn’t Getting Any

The Prank Vs. Prank series is built on the notion that the couple that plays practical jokes together, stays together. Here’s the latest escalation in

‘I’m Not a Motherf*cker You Laugh At’: Man Violently Attacks Pranksters Over Bomb Hoax

Best reaction possible? BEST REACTION POSSIBLE!