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The 12 Stages of Playing the Lottery

Like the rest of you morons, I donated to the Human Stupidity Fund by purchasing a Powerball ticket in advance of Saturday’s near-record prize. And

Jimmy Kimmel Asks Strangers ‘What Would You Say to Your Boss if You Won the Lottery?’

If I won $600mil I'd walk around telling everyone exactly how I felt. For instance, if I saw a stranger in line at the grocery

Look at This F*cking Guy

This guy. This guy!

Again, You Can Stop Sharing a Fake Powerball Ticket on Facebook

On Friday, a photo by Nolan Daniels holding up a "winning" Powerball ticket went viral on Facebook. As of 4:30 p.m. today, it had 2.08

Please Stop Sharing That Fake Picture of the Winning Powerball Ticket on Facebook

There's a pretty good chance that you've seen the picture above by now. At writing, it's been shared over 290,000 times on Facebook. Why? The

Here’s Video of One of the Powerball Winners Realizing He Just Won Nearly $300 Million

What you're about to see is footage taken at a gas station in Upper Marlboro, Maryland that captures the moment a construction worker realizes he's