Styles&Complete Drops ‘The Hour of Power, Round 5,’ The Only Party Mix You Need This Weekend


Last Saturday night we were kickin' hard at the #WovenHouse in Austin, Texas.

The Guyism Podcast

The Guyism Podcast is running live at 4PM Eastern today..and they’re getting drunk


Chris Spags, Ryan Jones, and Speed Round host Chet Siegel are going to do a special episode of the Guyism Podcast live today at 4PM Eastern.

tim gunter

Ring In Memorial Day Weekend with Our Giant Power Hour Playlist


Have you listened to the BroBible Summer Mix over the last two weeks.

power hour michigan tech

Partying and awesomeness now illegal at Michigan Tech


Guyism's favorite rockstar alcoholic, Ali Spagnola, was deemed to dangerous for Michigan Tech University.


A legal victory for ‘power hour’ lovers everywhere!


Did you know that the term "power hour" was trademarked.

words for drunk

Girl sings 91 words for ‘drunk’ in one minute


There are plenty of different ways to say that you're drunk.

songs about drinking

This is the perfect power hour album to start your party


If you need something to do this weekend, might I suggest a power hour.


VIDEO: Black guy does Centurion Challenge


You've most likely participated in Power Hour at some point in your life, and if you're like me, that point has come on at least 20 different occasions.


Singer/Songwriter Ali Spagnola is Fighting for Your Right to Power Hour


 Almost every freshman on a college campus knows a power hour can be a one-way ticket to blackout city, with a connecting stop in partyville.

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