REJOICE: Guinness-Flavored Potato Chips Are Real And Sound Delicious


If you have a "food bucket list" that includes delicious flavor concoctions like donuts with beef brisket and pizza with 99 types of cheeses, these potato chips are a must-eat.

potato chips

These Students Made A RAFT Out Of Potato Chip Bags To Prove There’s Too Much Air Inside


The worst thing in the world is opening a bag of potato chips and finding that it’s made up of about 85% air, 14% sadness and 1% chips.

wise chips

Re-ranking the 10 best selling potato chip brands by taste


  The Super Bowl is just around the corner, which means it's time to start stockpiling chips for your modestly attended party.


Lays unveils 3 ridiculous new chip flavors


Lays' "Do Us A Flavor" contest has narrowed its field down to the top three.

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